10 Really Funny Celeb Tweets You Might Have Missed

Ashesha Mehrotra
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10 Really Funny Celeb Tweets You Might Have Missed

In July 2006, Twitter was launched. Fast forward some years. a few Indian celebs took to Twitter. And ever since they have, we've either laughed with them or at them. In both cases, we’re not the ones to complain. So much so we've compiled a list of the funniest tweets you might have missed that tickle your funny bone and leave you indebted to these celebrities (and us) for life.

1. KRK(@kamaalrkhan):

This man, his tweets, and his existence. World, take a bow.


2. Baba Sehgal(@OnlyBabaehgal)

Let’s just quickly LOL and pretend that it never happened.


3. Uday Chopra(@udaychopra)

Alas, he tried.


4. Farah Khan (@TheFarahKhan)

Good ol’ Farah and her rollicking sense of humor.


5. Kalki Koechlin (@kalkikanmani)

When humor meets a fun, fabulous feminist. #Respect


6. Ram Gopal Verma (@RGVzoomin)

Childhood issues, RGV. It's okay. We'll make fun of you, anyway.


7. Rakhi Sawant (RAP_RakhiSawant)

Aur main, ek gobi ka phool hoon.


8. Rakhi Sawant Again!

Well, I could hardly resist. Afterall, she deserves another one!


9. Ranveer Singh(@RanveerOfficial)

Because no one does farce quite like the Wild Child of Bollywood.


10. Poonam Pandey

We always keep the best for the last!


Got funnier tweets? Share them with us.

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