10 most iconic Diwali campaigns from the yesteryear

Mohammad Kanchwala
Nov 02, 2016 08:38 IST
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10 most iconic Diwali campaigns from the yesteryear
Social Samosa presents you a list of 10 iconic Diwali ads that will take us back in time.

The festival of Diwali is synonymous with thousands of memories etched in our minds over the years, some of them so unforgettable, they evoke a sense of joyous nostalgia.

Reminiscing Mom laying out a plate full of sweets, and Dad arriving home with gifts, bursting crackers and having the time of our lives with our friends; these are the memories we savour and will continue to do so.

Just like family and friends, we share a deep bond with the brands that we use and the advertisements we watch. Smiles all over, watching these beautiful ads today transport us back in time.

1. Pepsi and Kurkure - Ghar Wali Diwali

2. Coca Cola - Do Diye

3. Big Bazaar - Paper Pataka

4. Tanishq - Sunehri Diwali

5. Western Union Money Transfer - Light Up Villages This Diwali

6. Sony Liv - Chhoti Diwali

7. Eicher Trucks - Yaaron Ki Diwali

8. Kurkure - Why So Sweet

9. Kit Kat - Astronaut Diwali

10. Cadbury Celebrations - Khadoos Chacha

We are sure there are many more memorable and iconic advertisements that have a special place in your heart. Let us know at

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