10 Indian Comedians Who Can Spark Up Your Twitter Timeline

Dhwani Gandhi
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10 Indian Comedians Who Can Spark Up Your Twitter Timeline

What was once a skill to be showcased on stage has now made its presence on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. From being ‘funny on stage’ to being ‘funny on Twitter’, we have come a long distance. But mind it, for those who think it’s easy, it is actually not! It is far more difficult than you and I can even think.

The comedians of Twitter produce hilarious and off the wall jokes which make your gloomy Twitter timeline an extremely sparkling one. These comedians bring to you incredible gags in just 140 characters.

Here’s our countdown of 10 Indian Comedians you can follow on Twitter:

Kunal Rao

With over 6K followers, he has a modest description which reads, 'One o' them Comedians in India'. He has a quirky sense of humor. He also uses Twitter to have personal conversations and market his events.

Papa CJ

An influential Twitter comedian, he has international credits attached to him. Owing to his studies abroad, he has a western touch in his work and you can almost fall for his non-Indian looks. Star Struck, his Twitter profile showcases pictures with celebrities, funny tweets (of course), trophies, events et all.


Sahil Shah

A child stuck in a man's body, he cracks you up on Twitter. His description stands out with the way he has used words. He retweets a lot of other comedian jokes. Every comedian can pull another's leg but only a real comedian can also do that for onself!

Sorabh Pant 

Right from description to Twitter handle, I was impressed with this Feminist Indian Male! He has been rated among India’s top 10 stand-up comedians on stage. He expresses satirical views on politics, entertainment and cricket among others. He has performed across the country and has over 15K followers on Twitter.

Aditi Mittal

The only A-blah Nari (As she describes herself) to grab a place within our list. She is also an actress and a teacher. The Rotary Club and the Round Table are a part of her career for charity. Over 28K followers reside on her Twitter account.

Aditi Mittal  on Twitter

Utsav Chakraborty

Looks like Utsav is a huge fan of ‘Chetan Bhagat’ … Oops I mean ‘Satan Bhagat’! He has used his background image on Twitter to take a dig at the author. He is known to be the most vociferous critic of Chetan Bhagat. With over 25K followers, he takes a dig at other personalities as well.


Satan Bhagat Twitter

Rohan Joshi

I think he’s one of the most active comedians there. Even his sandwiches can create a conversation! He has been a part of the Red Bull Tour Launch owing to his antique gigs and a influential Twitter account. He has over 51K followers which is massive for a comedian in India.

Tanmay Bhat 

Over 46K followers, he is very well know in the comedians circuit and otherwise too. If you have had your share of laugh at the Filmfare awards, this is the guy behind the humorous scripts.  He has been a part of many popular acts like Weirdass Company, All India Bakchod and has also been labeled as Comedy King.


The founder of All India Bakchod, he portrays a great sense of humour on his Twitter profile! Gursiman Khamba was born to a Sikh family and was among the few students who met A.P.J Kalam for an interview about reservations in 2007. He is a performer at the famous Comedy Store too.

Khambha Twitter profile

Vir Das

He is a must follow. Extremely popular actor and a comedian, he has the highest number of Twitter followers with over a lakh of them. He has the power to make you laugh on anything and everything. You will definitely enjoy his tweets. His recent fame has risen from the movie Go Goa Gone.


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