10 influencers who became famous for their vlogging channels!

Piyush Singh
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10 influencers who became famous for their vlogging channels!

Thanks to IG Reels, vlogging is back in trend right now. So let's check out these influencers who made it big with their vlogging channels!

Information is available in a variety of formats where some people like to read while some people like to listen. But if there is something that intrigues everyone's interest is the one in a video format. People like to watch content when more senses are helping to grab the information. This kind of gives us a hint why vlogging channels are so popular. We have vloggers creating daily content about something that is generic to something that we absolutely love. It has become one of the most important sources of entertainment and information. Most of this love must be credited to our favourite vloggers who have been filming these exciting moments of their lives for us to watch. They have been taking us places and bringing their experiences to us through their content.

We have been travelling, learning, experimenting and whatnot with such content. No matter what kind of genre you are into, you always get that "in-person experience" with these vlogs. You must have travelled to destinations, visited new places, and learnt about new cultures, cuisines and people with vlogs. These vlogging channels should be celebrated for all the efforts that they put to entertain us. So, to appreciate the hard work and dedication of vloggers we love, we made a list of our favourite vloggers.

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Here are some vloggers who made it big with vlogging

Nikhil Sharma

Gaurav Taneja

Saba Ibrahim

Sambhavna Seth

Mallika Motiramani

Prajakta Koli

Sourav Joshi

Himanshi and Rishi Athwani

Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Sharma

Which is your favorite Vlogging channel?

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