10 internet personalities that rocked the world!

Saloni Surti
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10 internet personalities that rocked the world!
Gone are the days of long lines outside producers’ offices and endless interviews. Talent now needs no Godfathers. With easy access to internet, it is just about passion, conviction and will.

Varun Agarwal

alma mater

With nothing in pocket, but sheer passion to begin a venture of his own, Varun Agarwal set out to establish Alma Mater. The young Banglorean lad fulfilled his dream of setting up a brand catering to school merchandise, solely on the back of social media. He is known to be one of the youngest and the most dynamic entrepreneurs of the country.

AIB (All India Bakchod)


These guys owe it all to YouTube. Graduating from performances in fests, these young kids are amongst the pioneers of content creators in India. Exhibiting true power of quality content on open internet, the gang has amassed wide popularity.

Terribly tiny tales


An idea that any publisher would have discarded! Terribly Tiny Tales – started with exquisite marketing on Facebook and now have a franchise while is into movie production and merchandising. Now, that’s called the power of social media.

Nisha Madhulika

nisha madhulika

What probably began as a hobby is now a fullgrown YouTube channel with a sea of subscribers. Nisha Madhulika has ardent followers, who owe their culinary skills to her.

Humans of New York.


Inspiring stories from around the world – Humans of New York changed the way we looked at our lives. All with the power of internet!

Tanmay Bahulekar


A.k.a Bombay Bhukkad has managed to redefine food blogging through Instagram. Right from best bites around the city to eloquent reviews, Tanmay Bahulekar’s social media approach is no less than inspirational.

Himanshu Khagta


A photographer from Himalayas – is how he describes himself. Khagtanarrates stories of ethinic groups around India – a true traveler at heart; he has managed to execute his projects complete basis internet.

Shalini Chopra


A fashion stylist and beauty blogger, Chopra made herself known to the world through internet. Right from tips on Twitter to dressing for the right season on her blog, Shalini Chopra has a wide reach.

Shraddha Sharma

shraddha sharma

The little girl, who won millions of hearts with her smile and guitar! Shraddha Sharma uploaded her tunes on YouTube and soon became a nation heartthrob.


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