There’s a 10-minute Monopoly game and you have to try it!

We’ve all had our fair share of obsession with Monopoly while growing up. But with the lack of time, it isn’t always possible to enjoy it thoroughly these days, is it? Well, worry not fellow lovers of the game, there’s a new of the game out there and you can play it in 10 minutes. The latest version of the game launched by Hasbro is called Monopoly Speed and here’s how it works.


All players can now roll and buy at once instead of having to wait for their respective turns. The players will be racing against a timer which allows them to buy, trade, and sell properties much quicker than the classic. Not just that, two Go spaces enable them to collect money in a jiffy. Get ready and get your game mode on as you play this version of everyone’s favourite board game.

Here are some memes just to give you that nostalgic hit!

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Monopoly can ruin relationships… ?

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