10 Excellent NGOs To Donate To On This International Charity Day

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Today, 5th September, we celebrate International Charity Day and India has plenty of excellent charities catering to the welfare of social and economic groups. So it's time to do your bit for your country. Go, Donate and do your good deed for the day.

Here are top 10 charities in India -

1. Child Rights and You(CRY)

It is one of the most popular and efficient NGOs in India with their centers located across all metro cities. It focuses on issues like child trafficking, child marriage, education, illiteracy, child labor etc.

2. HelpAge India

Founded in 1960, HelpAge India is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of senior citizens to give them a better quality of life.

3. PETA India

Founded in 2000, PETA India is the biggest advocator for animal rights in India. They believe animals aren't ours to eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. They encourage people to follow policies for animal welfare and take care of their fellow species to live in a collaborative environment with one and all.


It was founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Delhi. This NGO stands tall in the top 10 NGOs of India looking after disaster management, humanitarian welfare, and community development.

5. LEPRA India

LEPRA Society is a non-profit organization that promotes quality health-care. They also support the National Health Program for the control and prevention of diseases.

6. Pratham Education Foundation

Founded in 1995, Pratham Education Foundation was created for the purpose of educating children in the slums of Mumbai. They provide basic education and facilities to children to improve their quality of life.

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"We have learned new things, and are ready for more responsibilities", says Sanjana. She studies in the 9th grade and is one of the volunteers from Kabir Basti, a village in #Kathura block of #Haryana's #Sonipat district. Sanjana's group includes Rajni (11th grade), Neha (9th grade), Shalu (11th grade), Sheetal (10th grade), Ritika (9th grade) and Tamanna (9th grade) live in Gudda-A division of Kabir Basti. Whereas, Nikki (9th grade) and Jyoti (12th grade) hail from the Gudda-B division. These girls have volunteered for preparing the Village Report Card and also volunteer for Pratham's library program. "We got an opportunity to visit our neighbouring village, and it was a wonderful experience", says Sheetal. These girls visited Ahulana -A and Ahulana- B villages for preparing the village report card and cherish the experience. "Talking to strangers was fun", says Tamanna. Her sentiment is echoed by others who admit that travelling outside their village was like an adventure and interacting with people not belonging to their village was an experience in itself. But the journey was full of difficulties. "Many villagers did not entertain us", recalls Nikki. "Some families did not agree that their children face difficulty in reading. But when we asked the children to read, they had to accept", says Ritika.  But how has this experience changed them? "This experience has made us bold and confident. We want to explore more villages now", says Neha. “I can talk to people and express myself. Earlier I was shy", says Shalu. "We will talk to our parents and convince them to allow us to travel and spread the message of learning", says Jyoti, the eldest of them all. This group of young volunteers is excited to work with us and wants to make a positive difference by asking everyone in the community to contribute to improving the #learning levels of children. #Education #HamaraGaon #MondayMotivation #MondayInspiration #Monday

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7. Smile Foundation

Another NGO in India that believes each child deserves a great life! They work towards the welfare of underprivileged kids and their families. Smile Foundation also provides aid and health-care to children suffering from physical and mental ailments.

8. The Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF)

Founded in 2000 and located in Bengaluru, this NGO provides mid-day meals to millions of kids from 15,000 schools across 12 states in India. Through this organization, they have managed to feed kids that come from lower economic backgrounds.

9. Nanhi Kali

Started in 1996, Nanhi Kali was a project to break the cycle of social stigma by educating a girl child. They aim to provide educational facilities to a million girls by the end of 2019 and you can sponsor a girl child's education for a year by donating only Rs 3600.

10. GiveIndia Foundation

Founded in 1999, this is an online donation platform that helps in raising funds for credible NGOs in India.

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Taronish Bulsara, a BMM graduate, found himself right back to his childhood love when instead of pursuing his field, he decided to work strongly on the organization he had founded. World For All has paved a bright and sturdy career path for Taronish. He has been an avid animal lover, right since he first laid eyes on one! He was known to rescue goats and sparrows and every single little creature that needed help right since he was a little boy. Taronish was never allowed to have pets as a child. His first dog Friskey came into his life around the same time as the beginning of World For All. WFA has also given him a very beautiful Nehza, a cruelty case and Joey a little three legged puppy who came to be fostered and stayed on with us, spreading their love and happiness to one and all. He has animals coming in and going out all the time and he enjoys every bit of his day looking after them. As a social entrepreneur, Taronish has been extremely instrumental in changing the plight of stray animals by means of rescue, adoption and sterilization, creating a nation wide system of fostering, and creating the Adoptathon ( Asia's largest animal adoption camp. Taronish has taken the organization to great lengths and continues doing so everyday. To help Taronish in making this world a safe place for animals, donate at Fankind and also win a chance to bake a cake with Alia Bhatt! Link in bio #GiveIndia #givechampion #adoptathon #adoptdontshop #adoptanimals

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It's time to do your part for the country. Donate now for a better tomorrow.

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