10 on-screen characters who weren't even moms but gave massive mom energy

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Mother’s Day is not just about biological mothers but also about non-moms who take care of us unconditionally. These characters from movies and TV shows totally stole our hearts by giving us mom energy we didn’t know we needed!

Every sitcom or story about a group of people definitely has at least one character who feels like a mom. The one who is in charge of everyone and keeps things in order. In a movie or TV show, when two people fight, or when the whole house is a mess, or when someone falls sick, these characters turn on their major mom energy and are the ones who step in and make everything feel A-Okay! They are human versions of comfort and the ones who always make everyone feel safe and happy. They are the reason why  the rest of the gang can let loose and have a gala time without any worry in the world cause you know they’ll have your back! In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of characters who over time became the mom of their group. Monica from Friends and Steve Harrington from Stranger Things being the biggest flag bearers of this category. 

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So let’s have a look at their journey and more such characters who totally passed the vibe check as a mom!

Monica Geller- Friends

If you're an organization and cleanliness freak who also always has friends over because you're a good host, then you must’ve often heard people tell you ‘you’re the Monica of the group’. Monica literally raised her group and was always with them in crucial moments of their lives. She loves cooking and loves being a mom to not only her own kids but her friends too!

Schmidt- New Girl

Schmidt loves his friends with all his heart. He knows everything they like and dislike, just like any mom would. If he is walking on the street and sees something that reminds him of Nick, he’ll buy it for him as a sweet gesture without expecting anything in return. He is one emotional mom who loves his boys.


Lily- How I Met Your Mother

Lily always came through with the best advice for her friends. She has always been the go-to person for anyone who is going through a tough time. 


Steve Harrington- Stranger Things

He has gone from being a spoiled brat to being the ultimate babysitter. His character development from a teenage boy who doesn’t know better to a responsible man is one for the books. He will forever be Max, Lucas, Will, Mike and most importantly, Dustin’s mom!

Ben - The Intern

He was the oldest one in the entire team, hence the one who has the most experience about life. Which is why everyone from interns to the CEO herself went to him when they needed some wise words. 


Kabir Dewan- Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Between him, Imraan and Arjun, he definitely was the mom. He had two sons bickering with each other and he always had to be the one to stop it. He was more understanding and a good listener for the other two dramatic ones for sure. 

Terry- Brooklyn Nine Nine

He always keeps his team in check. He is worried 24/7 and often stops them from making a fool out of themselves. Being a girl dad really shaped him into being a mom at work. 

Zeenat- Mismatched

In a pool of Gen Z’s, she is the only one with a generational gap. She looks at the world with a really pure and innocent lens and that often helps the rest of her classmates see things clearly. 


Meena- Kota Factory

We all have that one friend who sits next to us on days we need someone to be there emotionally or simply cut fruits and makes sure we’re well fed on days we’re sick and Meena was definitely one of those for his Kota Factory gang. 

Twyla- Schitt’s Creek

Twyla was so soft spoken and helpful to everyone in the town of Schitt’s Creek, especially the Roses! From always being a good confidante to giving them something to drink in the house, she was truly kind hearted and giving just like a mom!


Which of them are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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