If you're feeling kinda down, you've got to watch these Pixar movies!

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Pixar movies

Feeling low, stressed, or anxious? Here are 10 Pixar movies to watch for a quick serotonin boost!

Before we recommend Pixar movies, we'll be honest! There's nothing like "a bad Pixar movie". We didn't just watch these movies but we also went on adventures with these characters. Whether we're on an aquatic adventure of Finding Nemo with Marlin and Dory or wishing we could be as brave as Merida, these movies have shaped our childhood and taught us many lessons. The fun part is that we still find it relatable and relevant as adults.

There's no limitation of imagination when it comes to Pixar. Who can think that a rat can cook like in Ratatouille, cars can speak - Cars, emotions have emotions - Inside out and toys can talk - Toy Story? When it comes to creativity, Pixar knows no limits. From motivation to light entertainment, these movies have it all. The studio has 26 feature-length films since 1995 and we love them all, be it emotional rides, breathtaking adventures, or unforgettable characters!

Bring your inner child out and go on adventures that you loved as kids with these Pixar movie recommendations on Disney+Hotstar!

Finding Nemo

Cars (2006)




Toy Story (1995) 


Inside Out


The Incredibles (2004)

Which is your favorite Pixar movie?

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