Facebook wanted to increase the daily average time spent by a user online as if it wasn’t addictive enough already. It started hosting games which definitely increased the online presence of an FB user by multi fold. What I personally found surprising was users of literally all the age groups started playing games on FB. However silly or childish the game would be, it was loved by the masses. It was imperative for the game companies to launch mobile versions of their games on iOS and Android platforms.

Alongside game making companies were also making a lot of money by introducing the concept of freemium games (A game free to download and play but with premium versions and features which you can buy by making an online payment). Slowly the concept started creeping in all the games that ever existed. The list below of top 10 Facebook Games is in the descending order of popularity.

  1. Candy Crush Saga

1 I am sure you would have guessed Candy Crush will top the list indeed it does. Addiction at first sight of this game is unavoidable. The following and adaption of this game by fans is maddening to the level of users getting stalked by the Candy Crush App requests. A series of memes are already out on requesting people to stop sending candy crush requests. Well as it turns out it is working in the favor of the makers and publicizing it even more.


  1. Texas Hold’em Poker

2bA global table for the poker faces brings card fanatics together to enjoy this game of luck. With virtual money on stake users bet their heart winning it all and loosing nothing but time. Such is the greed of money that makes you play hands over and over till you either go bankrupt or logout as a millionaire. Personal suggestion: Keep your addiction to the FB game and do not extend it to a casino.

  1. Criminal Case

3a Get into the shoes of a detective and join the Grimsborough Police Force to track down criminals and solve murder mysteries. A well designed game with intuitive graphics and story play which will engross you. You can actually learn the autopsy process by playing this game and it’s always fun to put criminals behind the bar.

  1. Farmville

4bI have seen friends at my office running home early to water and harvest their farms and I am not exaggerating. Such is the craze Farmville.  The time factor makes you feel responsible for damaging the crops if not attended in time. This game will definitely make you a pseudo farmer as you beg your friends to help you level up and build a better, bigger and beautiful farm.

  1. City Ville

5bBuild your own virtual city into a metropolis by farming, building monuments, roads and residential apartments. This was another viral game by Zynga (also makers of Farm Ville) developers with astonishing graphics and addictive game play. Your friends play an important role in helping build the city faster by providing resources.

  1. Angry Birds Friends

6aWith freemium games entering the market Rovio Entertainment also hit the segment with the sixth version of one of the most revolutionary game of its times – Angry Birds. Angry Birds Friends has a range of catapults and aim guide tools which you will have to buy on Play Store to enjoy quick level ups. Launched exclusively as a Facebook game, it was made available for Android and IOS users in 2013.

  1. Pet Rescue Saga

7aIf you are not fond of candies, cute looking pets will definitely interest you. Candy Crush developers KING must have realized that they need another variant of their bestselling game for a different audience. With a similar game play and better graphics Pet Rescue Saga was launched and made its way to fame in no time. The 3D looking boxes with baby pets trapped in it will actually make you want to rescue them.

  1. Mafia Wars

8aSet in the city of New York, Mafia Wars is a strategy based game in which you travel to different cities at different levels and eventually end up fighting the infamous Italian mafia. As a gangster you play to build your own mafia to eliminate existing groups and be the godfather. In a fight with another gangster, stronger one in terms of weapons, armor and vehicles wins. You can earn cash by completing pre-defined jobs in the game to buy weapons, armor and vehicles and build a stronger gangster profile. The game is more about the features and levels than real time action.

  1. Dragon City

9bCollect and breed beautiful looking dragons build a dreamy dragon city. Sound fascinating? That’s not all. You tame and watch them grow fiercer and weapons of fire. The quirky names of dragons are very interesting. You can build a dragon empire with diverse habitat’s only to make the establishment more beautiful. Personally I find the game for kids but dragon lovers of any age will definitely be game to build their own dragon city.

10. Top Eleven Be A Football Manager

10a Launched back in 2010 “Top Eleven” is a game every football fanatic will get their hands on. With a game play simulating football manager’s strategic and tactical mind, you will get a chance to device on field tactics, buy and switch players, play your team to the top of the club and mint crazy money of course. You also fight with other football managers competing to get the trophy home. The game is also available on Android and IOS platform under a slightly modified name “Top Eleven Be A Soccer Manager”.

As smartphones started becoming more accessible and a convenient mode of being online, it was imperative for the game companies to launch mobile versions their games on iOS and Android platforms. So you will find most of the games mentioned above on Play Store and App Store. This list is just a fraction of the pool of games available but they have managed maximum user base in the due course of their launch.