10 sparkling ice breakers to woo your special someone this Diwali

Saloni Surti
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10 sparkling ice breakers to woo your special someone this Diwali
Life is short, love like there’s no tomorrow; and when you do, make sure you woo that lucky one just like they deserve it. With the amount of time you spend on your mobile, this magical moment is extremely likely to happen virtually and trust me, that works just fine.

Online dating has its own quirks, best one being the absolute absence of nervousness while making the first move. Especially, when butterflies are touring your belly just because your heart says that this could be the one.

Yes, this could happen and if online dating is on the cards for you, this will happen! This Diwali step aside from cheesy clichés and use these ice-breakers that work just like sparks of a pretty cracker.

You seem like someone I could survive zombie apocalypse with...

Forever, eternal love and the likes of it are passé. Be real, be creative. If the opposite someone is fond of wit and humour, this line can woo them right off!

Will you be my lobster?

If it worked on Rachel, it can work on anyone. Enough said.

If this doesn’t work out, you could sectumsempra me!

If there’s a Harry Potter fan at the other end, you will be exchanging numbers the next moment.

Whenever I see you my heart races; I hope to win the first place

It doesn’t hurt to be a little romantic. But make sure to be on the same page with the significant other before using this one.

The only thing that makes me smile after a stinker from my boss... is a message from you.

They like to be a part of your daily route and they like it even more when they know they know you think about them and smile.

I can watch Twilight for you....

This one’s for you guys. If she knows how much you dislike a sparkling vampire, she will fall for you real hard.

I could learn playing Clash of Clans...

Or any other game that he likes and indeed learn to play it. Then go ahead and play a game with him. That feel will be priceless.

If we were in a club, I’d be holding the door for you...

Girls love nothing more than chivalry; plus subtle flirting has its own charm. Try it!

You’re the only one who makes crazy chick flicks seem possible...

Yes, we all watch chick flicks and yes they’re super unreal. But then a person comes along, who makes you happy and you end up thinking – ok, maybe all of the movie wasn’t fake. This one’s for them.

I can laugh even on your most pathetic pun....

Laugh on his bad jokes and tell him you can do this all your life. He will know what you mean.

To sum it up – let the fear go. Be real; be true to the other person and yourself. Online dating can be secure and humble if you make it. Woo the right person and keep wooing them every single day of your life.

Give online dating a genuine shot – we can assure a lot of surprises on the way. And good surprises. Write your own love story. Download Woo from the Google Playstore or the App Store.

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