10 tech Youtube channels to follow that makes technology easy

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10 tech Youtube channels

With the field of technology making rapid advances, these YouTubers are making technology seem easy. Check out these 10 tech Youtube channels for everything that is trending in the world of gadgets and technology.

The world is developing at an exponential rate and this development can be majorly credited to technology. From a room-sized computer to a notebook-sized laptop, from huge box tv’s to Smart LED TV’s, from sending letters that took days to transmit a single message to thousands of messages being shared every minute, technology has come a long way. The Internet has played the biggest role in making tech so popular and aspirational. For those Tech-Savvy nerds, understanding the latest tech is like music to their brains. But for the non-tech-savvy people, buying a new gadget can be an exhausting exercise. Thanks to Google and Youtube now, we can easily update ourselves with the latest tech in the market. With the influencer and blogger trend still persisting, many people are making a living out of it. We have listed 10 tech Youtube channels who are making it easy for all of us.

So the next time you are planning to buy a gadget or stay up-to-date about what is trending we suggest you check these 10 Youtube channels:

1)  Austin Evans

Detailed reviews, value for money, new gadgets and too many fun elements. This sums up Austin Evans videos.

2)   CNET

A full-fledged news channel surely gets you the latest news in no time. Different types of products and interviews, CNET definitely has some interesting content.  

3) Jonathan Morrison

He is a mobile freak and an Apple products enthusiast who gives interesting tips on how to use the mobile device in the best possible way. His channel’s name is today.

4)  Linus Tech Tips

Linus Gabriel Sebastian runs three Youtube channels namely Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie and Channel Super Fun. Linus Tech Tips focusses solely on PC’s and covers the entire spectrum that is motherboards, keyboards, hardware, software etc.

5)  Technical Guruji

Created with the aim of making technical videos easy for the people to understand, Gaurav Chaudary started this youtube channel that gives information of new technologies in the Hindi language.

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6) Marques Brownlee

He is very picky and choosy about the products he reviews. Thus, you won’t find all the products on his channel but whichever he chooses, gives a very honest review. You may also find interviews with famous personalities.

7) TechSmartt

Too much tech can sometimes become boring for all the non-tech-savvy viewers. So if you’re looking for an entertaining tech channel, this should be your choice. Product reviews, little hacks, tips & tricks etc. This channel covers it all.

8)  The Verge

If you wish to be the first one to know about any tech-related news, the Verge would be the first one to post. Run by a team of journalists, it also covers social media networks and latest stories and updates.

9)  Unbox Therapy

The top choice in tech youtube channels with highest subscribers, it literally covers everything that is tech. It is completely honest which is why it is the most preferred and viewed channel.

10)  UrAvgConsumer

The host Judner Aura talks about everything related to gadgets, accessories etc. A special mention for his reviews on Video games and computers.

Do you follow any of these tech Youtube channels? Tell us in the comments below.

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