Social media has engulfed everyone in today’s living and if mom and dad are on Facebook and Twitter what’s stopping your boss/employers from joining the bandwagon. Here are some pointers to help you deal with a digitally active boss.

1. Privacy settings are there for a reason:

When Facebook introduced the privacy option, they understood what kind of predicament you can be in, so make use of it. Customize your profile and posts in such a way which prevents your employers/boss from viewing your incapability of posting sensibly.

Your boss doesn’t need to know whether you harvested carrots in Farmville or played Level 33 on Candy Crush. Post the pro’s about your company or share something very efficient or even promote your company online; these actions make you look sharp and show you as a competent team player.

2. Use Linkedin to connect rather Facebook:

If you are coerced into being friends with your boss online, then opt for Linkedin than Facebook. This step not only helps you in your career ladder but also keeps you in good books with the top dogs. Your boss can view your recommendations online, see you as an asset to the company and even help you to connect with contacts outside the company that may be useful to you in the future.

3. Don’t post in haste, or you’ll repent at leisure:

If you are feeling snubbed, angry, irritated or even depressed, avoid logging online completely. Posting your negative thoughts in the form of anger or any such outrage can not only make you look like a fool professionally but may even cost you your job. If potential companies are looking into your online activities, such mentions leave you in a very damaging position.

4. Be careful where you check in:

If you have the habit of checking in at various locations either on Foursquare, twitter or facebook while hanging out with friends , then ditch this habit. This leaves a digital footprint of the locations you have been to and may even frequent often giving your boss a chance to check up on you while you are unwinding. It will definitely bite you in the bottom if you have excused yourself from work on a lie just to party.

5. Keep competitors at bay:

Always remember that if you are an employee of a company, you are also its representative out in the open as well as in digital world. You cannot be praising, promoting or even consorting with your company’s competitors. It will not only seem unprofessional but you may even be shown the door because of this behavior.

6. Be Camera shy:

While hanging out with friends it is a routine if no photos are clicked to commemorate the moment. Standing in a group snap or a couple of decent pictures is fine, but posing weirdly or in compromising positions gives your boss a red face if he/she happens to see them on any digital platform. The solution is to prevent an opportunity as such, stay away from the camera!

7. Keep your profile up to date:

If you are newly appointed or even if you’ve changed jobs over the years, it is always essential to have an updated profile. It gives the impression that your footprint is in sync with your offline world and you have absolutely nothing to hide

8. No gossiping:

Standing around the water cooler and talking about the office buffoon may be cool at work but taking the conversation digitally is a whole new ball game and should be aborted immediately. Such discussions discredit your professionalism and if at all your boss chances upon it, your image will be completely run down. Potential companies may also view it as naïve behavior

9. Make sure you have a presentable profile picture:

Your display picture says everything about you. So having a selfie as a display picture not only shows your immaturity but also how self obsessed you are. Adversely posing with a bottle of beer shows you are the best when intoxicated. Make sure your picture is simple, smiling and warm. Your boss doesn’t need to see you doing dangerous feats. Your display picture is a window to your life. Keep it simple.

10. Maintain a boundary between personal and professional:

Please don’t commit the blunder of posting on your employer’s wall “Wassup?”. You aren’t in school anymore where everyone is a chum. Keeping it professional with the boss online not only makes you look smart but also develops a sense of responsibility to your character. You seem to be dependable and trustworthy.

In spite of all the above mentioned pointers you still are in the corner with your boss for a digital oversight, then my friend you have seriously need to avoid all social platforms for a while. Probably focus on some outdoor activity till you detoxify.

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