We’re sure you will relate to these things if you have been living independently.

As a child, you might have imagined moving out of your parents’ home and living independently. You might have believed that independence and freedom will bring you immense joy. But things have become too real too soon for you lately. You have come to the facts with the brutal truth that living by yourself isn’t all rainbows and sunshine as they make it in movies or shows. You have to face responsibilities and the cold harsh world by yourself. But let’s talk facts, this is the next step for you and there’s a struggle when you’re trying to move ahead in life.

If you’re one of those people who has recently moved out of their parents’ house and are living independently, here are some truths that you definitely find relatable –

1. With great power, comes great responsibility
Absolutely right when it comes to living alone. Although, the freedom of doing anything any time is pretty amazing, how much life are you enjoying when you’re busy working, cooking your own meals, doing laundry, cleaning your home, and buying essentials on a regular basis?

2. You will miss home-cooked food
No matter how many gourmet restaurants are nearby, you miss your mom’s dahi chawal and khichdi. It’s also a good driving force to improve your own cooking skills.

3. Saving money becomes important
Your parents are no longer there to bail you out because now you’re on your own. With rent, groceries, and other expenses, saving money is really crucial.

4. Re-using clothes and food
Last night’s dinner could be today’s lunch, and jeans don’t get washed as frequently anymore. Another thing you learn when living alone is that these things cost money and efforts. In order to reduce both, you start re-using them!

5. You have to finally behave like a grown-up
Handling grown-up tasks, being the mature one and dealing with problems patiently. Your dreamland bubble has been burst and you’re finally out on your own.

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As every cloud has a silver lining, living alone does too. Although the crippling reality of responsibilities and the financial burden that comes with it is plenty, there’s also a positive to this situation.

So here’s the positive side to living by yourself –

6. You can wake up and sleep whenever
There’s no one to make you wake up early on the weekends anymore! Or not stay up till 3 am watching the new Netflix show.

7. All the food in the house belongs to you
You don’t need to worry about that delicious slice of cake being there when you get back home from work. Living alone means all the junk food is now yours and you can enjoy it as you please!

8. You can party every night
But we don’t recommend that considering you can’t show up for work hungover!

9. Clothing is optional
One of the great pleasures of living alone is being comfortable whenever you’re at home. You can finally chuck that pesky bra or shorts!

10. Having fun alone
And no, we don’t mean ‘that’ kinda fun! Spending quality time with yourself and enjoying ME time is one of the best things about adult life. When you live independently you can indulge in anything that brings you happiness. Whether it’s pizza and Netflix night by yourself, or working out, or baking desserts or even drinking by yourself and sometimes having ‘that’ fun also by yourself.

It’s kind of safe to say that living independently is a whole lot of fun, but a whole lot of hell too. You gotta find that sweet line of bliss between the two!