What would you do if your favourite celebrity is having a Twitter Q&A session? Be weird? No? Well, someone clearly forgot to tell these guys this.

Shah Rukh Khan regularly holds a Twitter Q&A with his fans under the hashtag #AskSRK, where he gives out witty answers to slightly and at times VERY weird questions, bringing just a little bit of sunshine into the lives of his fans.

Here are some of the most ridiculous and downright weird tweets from SRK fans that are something else entirely.

1. Navratna Cool Talc anyone?

2. Emotional blackmail?

3. When no one’s buying kidneys anymore but you gotta have that iPhone

4. Its not #AskSRKforFreeStuff guys!

5. Jalous.

6. Okaaaaaaaaayyyyy….

7. When you confuse SRK with Gulshan Grover.

8. Poor thing just wants breakfast 🙁

9. Its a puzzler.

10. ………..

We’re sure there are many such tweets out. Share them with us on team@socialsamosa.com.