10 WhatsApp Statuses That Need To Retire

Siddharth Das
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10 WhatsApp Statuses That Need To Retire

WhatsApp has become an extension of ourselves and let's admit it, we cannot live without it. Everything from pinging your friends to irritating the hell out of your boyfriends we do on it. From sending jokes to voice messages, WhatsApp is the perfect messenger for sharing your status and mood. But we can all agree on the fact that certain types of status updates and users that simply need to go away..Have a look.

1. The Elusive Soul

“I’m still searching, forever searching..forever and ever..and ever!”

This one can be interpreted in many different ways. However, this user’s intention is to get back at someone subtly or maybe the update is just a reflection of what’s on their mind at the moment, but confusing nonetheless. With such updates, the elusive soul tends to draw attention from curious friends and gain attention and sympathy if required.

image0012. The Newbie

“Hey There! I’m Using Whatsapp”

Pretty self-explainatory. Yeah we get it you managed to activate Whatsapp on your phone. Now Please change the status to something more status update worthy.

image0023. The Status Reporters

“Missed my bus..walking home..feeling cold..sooo hungry

Unless you’re kidnapped and stashed up in freezer with only your phone, please avoid these updates. No one will come and pick you up man. HEY! We have bad days too. It’s a messenger not your news channel. CHILL.

image0034. The Leave Me Alone.

This is the “I had a heated argument with my guy and I’m so pissed I need to post this status to let people know I will murder them if they disturb me”. Sometimes DND status is genuine, however if you constantly keep switching between DND and “Glad to have you (with the heart emoji)” you’re not fooling anybody.

image0045. The Complaint Box

It’s amazing how unfair the world can be"

There’s a lot of negative vibes to these status updates as it revolves around what’s wrong in their lives. Their status updates tend to be about complaints about the government or the traffic. Some of these rants can get pretty vulgar in an attempt to draw attention from others.

image0056. The Forever Sleeping

Why do you even update this status update unless it’s followed by something like “Sleeping. Have a Headache” ? IF you’re status update reads “Sleeping” for 3 months straight, your friends will think you’ve entered a coma. Everyone sleeps every night.

image0067. The Story-Teller

“Had  a bad day. Woke up so late this morning and  when I reached  my boss was already at the door waiting for the last person to arrive for work. He grilled me for almost an hour! Never mind that, I was moody the whole day until I realized I forgot my lunch. Arrgg!!  

Blogging is simple way of telling everyone about how their day went and just go on and on, sometimes not realizing that not many will be fascinated by the nitty-gritty details. But this is Whatsapp son. Why do you go on a rant here? Just why? Try your story-telling somewhere else.

 image0078. The Lyricists

“You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape my love!”

Lyricists quote song lyrics in their status updates. In both circumstances, the updates aren’t exactly their own words. Nevertheless, those words are reflections their feelings.  Lyricists updates serve as puzzles to some, requiring their imagination to understand what is really meant by the update. Quite the romantic bunch they can be.

image0089. The Philosophers

“Be formless, shapeless, like water…..” 

Philosophers are similar to Lyricists as both of them often create an aura of mystery with their statuses. They tend to be an introspective bunch who likes to reflect upon on their life and come up with something that sound abstract yet conclusive from their observations. By far philosophical quotes on Whatsapp are welcome because there is always something relatable to your life events.

image00910. The Chronic Updater

“Good Night peeps, have to get up early tomorrow for my workout. Sleep Well”

It’s this guy’s JOB to wish you good morning, good evening and good night with a picture quote even though you don't chat at all. Not only will they send you these but also update their mood status throughout the day.


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