These things are sure to remind you of your favourite things from your childhood summers!

Being a 90s kid, I’m absolutely grateful for all the experiences I’ve had so far. Even though I’m in my late 20s now, I can proudly say I have enjoyed my childhood thoroughly and the best part was definitely my summer vacations back when I was in school. Those 2 months gave me a chance to go crazy with my friends, or spend time at my Nani’s house or simply eat all my mom’s cooking. The world might have changed around me, but my summer vacation fun continues to live along through my memories. So, while I think about my childhood summers, we think these things would certainly take you on a nostalgic trip down the memory lane.

Take a look:

1. Tazo Games
They used to come free with Lays at that time and I remember collecting all kinds of Tazos. For most of us, they ended up being more of a collective item than a game. My favourite ones were definitely Pokemon tazos. Which one was yours?

Image via Pinterest

2. Popsicles
Cola, orange or mango flavoured, the roadside vendors would start selling these popsicles during the last few weeks of school. They would come for Rs 2 at that time and in all probability I’d have a sore throat the next day after having a few of these, but totally worth it!

Image via Saffron Trail

3. Marbles
Owning marbles was a whole different flex back in the day! And trust me when I say this, these marble games would get pretty intense.

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4. Bicycle rides with friends
That was our definition of ‘riding away into the sunset’ because we’d ride our bikes till the sun went down! I made my parents get me a BSA Ladybird (remember that pink cycle with a cute basket?) and it made me feel happier than any salary increment right now. Ah, those were the days!

Images via SK Bikes

5. Rooh Afza
And a chilled glass of Rooh Afza was waiting for you when you came back home tired from a whole day of playing in the sun.

To take you further down the memory lane, here is the first-ever Rooh Afza commercial that we saw –

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6. Visiting grandma’s house
Right after I came back from grandma’s house and started school once again, my uniforms wouldn’t fit anymore and that was clearly because she’s have overfed me each time. But we’d blame it on the ‘badhte bache’ dialogue and get away with it.

7. WWE Trump Cards
If you had The Rock’s card, you were no less than royalty. I’ve experienced the childhood equivalent of drug deals happen over WWE cards in my friends circle while I was a kid.

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8. Going to the water-park
At that time, we didn’t have the fancy Aqua Imagica, but we had something cooler (or at least we thought) – Water Kingdom. Essel World’s spouse, but with water rides and slides, I fondly remember the mothers would form a group and take all of us out there one Sunday of our summer vacation. We’d trouble them so much throughout the trip that they’d swear of not taking us next year and the story would repeat.

9. Mango Milkshake
No pulp milkshake would be a match of real mango milkshake and let no one tell you otherwise. I used to think my dad was the MVP of all milkshake making because he’d end up putting small cut pieces of mango in my milkshake.

Image via Hungry Forever

10. Summer camp
Left the best for the last! If your parents were the ‘open-minded’ type, you’d be allowed to go for a summer camp for a week or ten days during your childhood summers. Those 10 days would probably the only chance you could have adulterated fun without your parents around you.

11. Tv Shows
I could sit for hours and watch Shaka Laka Boom Boom! Let’s face it, Indian TV had so many great kid shows back in the day. Son Pari, Dhoom Machao Dhoom, Remix, Shararat, Karishma Ka Karishma, Hatim and Shhh Koi Hai (this wasn’t a kids show but we would all watch it either way).

We’re sure these things from your childhood summers are hitting you right in the feels, aren’t they?