Vaseline can be used as a lubricant(on various things), Shaving Cream can be used to clean glass, Pedialyte works magic for hangovers and Vicks serves multiple purposes. Read on to know more.

Products manufactured are made to serve their purpose to the best of it’s ability, we have collated a list of products that served better purpose than what they were designed for.

AskReddit asked its fellow redditors to name such products and instances and received some unusual, some pretty useful answers but all of them are certainly funny.

funny purposes products


*Wink-eye*It can serve both purposes though.

funny purposes products


Washrooms would have a greater footfall than the seating area.

funny purposes products


Cracked feet? Vicks Vapor Rub. Need a steam? Vicks Vapor Rub. Advocate hair growth? Vicks Vapor Rub……..

funny purposes products


Bursting them aesthetically satisfies OCD and also is a better way to pass time than play with fidget-spinner.

funny purposes products


Don’t have to deal with it if you can’t deal with it.

funny purposes products


Whatever works.

funny purposes products

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Shaving Cream

If you clean something with a shaving cream, do you call it a clean shave?

funny purposes products


Continuing childhoood habits.

funny purposes products


Keeps clothes sharp.

funny purposes products


Talk about multi-purpose.

funny purposes products


Serving a GREATER purpose.

funny purposes products

VR Systems

VR systems were meant to rescue boredom, but they are out here rescuing patients.

funny purposes products

You’re Welcome.

Do you know any products that serve a better purpose than what they were designed for that didn’t make it to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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