1232kms on DisneyPlusHotstar explores the plight of migrant workers during the lockdown

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1232kms, a new Indian documentary by Vinod Kapri on Disney+Hotstar explores the plight of migrant workers during the period of lockdown.

India heads towards the one-year anniversary of the lockdown and Disney+ Hotstar is set to release 1232kms. A documentary film that will showcase the aftermath of the lockdown on migrant workers. The project is aimed to salute the unshakable human spirit that shows up in the face of adversity. While also highlighting the apathetic side of society.

It has been a year since lakhs of migrant laborers were forced to leave the cities that they helped build. As they found themselves without a source of income and roof above their heads. As India went into lockdown in the face of the COVID-19 threat, trains and buses were canceled. Because of this most of them started a 'paidal march' back home or some other desperate way to reach back home. But unfortunately many died in the attempt, and others were left with stories that were extremely hard to listen to and harder to tell.

Watch the trailer of the documentary here:


It's a journey that the director Vinod Kapri took with these seven migrant workers. Who decided to return to their village in Saharsa, Bihar, 1232kms away from their location in Delhi. During this journey, they face many troubling challenges but nothing could deter them from cycling back to their homes. Some friendly faces try and help them with rides, meals, and water. While we have read about many tragic stories of these workers on their way back home. But watching the real-life footage will give true goosebumps. Lyricist Gulzar teamed up with Vishal Bhardwaj to elevate these real-life stories with some striking soulful music. And Rekha Bhardwaj and Sukhwinder Singh have lent their soulful vocals for the film.

The documentary is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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