13 anime series that you can watch if you're a newbie

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If you're talking about pop culture from around the world and the changing culture of entertainment then it's impossible for anyone to not mention the popularity of anime! Japanese anime series has been one of the most widely-approved forms of entertainment with it having a huge fan base on the internet. The world of manga and anime has blown up and become bigger since people are influenced to check out what the hype around it is all about only for them to fall in love with it.

This new pop culture craze can however be overwhelming for people who wish to delve into this world. There's a long list of content for people to select from without knowing which one to start with. Because most of the popular anime is long, it's only natural for newbies to be left wondering. For anyone who's only starting to explore this world, they may be looking for short and easy-to-follow stories. To help you with this, we looked for series and made a list of popular anime series that any beginner can start watching!

Here’s a list for all the newbies!

One Punch Man - Netflix

Naruto - Netflix

Cowboy Bebop - Netflix

Dragon Ball - Hulu

Plastic Memories - Hulu

Parasyte The Maxim - Hulu

Yuri On Ice - " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Youtube

Attack On Titan - Hulu

Claymore - Hulu

Death Note - Hulu

Erased - Hulu

My Hero Academia - Netflix

Black Butler - JustWatch

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Netflix

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