Poetry is not just words, it’s a feeling. You might want to follow these Insta poets who stand out for their heart-rendering posts.

For some people, poetry is just another form of writing. But for others, it’s a way of expressing their feelings and emotions. It’s not just a verse of rhyming words and deep lines, it’s a beautiful form of expression. As someone who’s passionate about writing, I envy poets who can use this art to express how they feel.

Pouring your feelings on paper and posting them on social media platforms like Instagram for millions of people to see is not an easy job. It terrifies me to even think about it! On a platform where you have so many people pulling things apart, sharing your deepest thoughts is quite endearing. I mean you never know who might take it in what way. In the world of social media where people have access to each and everything you share, plus the trolling and all the backlash, all of that could be hard for someone to take in.

Instead of just scrolling through memes on Instagram, check out these posts sometimes that are not only intriguing but also deep. They could be words of wisdom, thoughts on love, pain, and grief. Poetry can help you destress on days you might be feeling low or want a break from everything happening around you.

These Insta poets will not just fill your heart with warmth but also inspire you to be expressive. Check them out!

Medha Sharma

Pavana Reddy

Lisa Rani Ray

Pratishtha Khattar


Arunoday Singh

Nikita Gill


Harnidh Kaur

Akif Kichloo

Rupi Kaur

Karuna Ezara Parikh

Ashish Bagrecha

Are you ready to get a new perspective of the world through these rhyming verses?

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