It was in 2017 that Netflix released 13 Reasons Why for all its subscribers. The sensitive nature of the show and its content got the internet buzzing with multiple conversations. The intent of the show remains helping people who suffer through similar situations by starting a dialogue. The stirring story of Hannah, Clay and every kid from the cast of the show became a topic of discussion on all public forums.

However, a chunk of the viewers also questioned the content claiming it had the potential to be a trigger or could influence young minds to take harmful steps. The one scene that sparked a larger debate was Hannah’s suicide scene. In a new update about the series, the makers shared that they will be editing the much talked about suicide scene from season 1.

Here’s what the official update about 13 Reasons Why reads:

According to a report by Hollywood Reporter, the scene which showed the central character, Hannah Baker taking her own life will skip the part where she takes the razor that pierces her left wrist. The edited scene which is uploaded on the site only shows the part before that where she is looking into the mirror and then cut directly to her parents finding her in the bathroom. A source revealed to the portal, “Sources note that the decision has nothing to do with the content included in the upcoming third season — which will not feature another scene depicting a suicide. Insiders familiar with the viewing patterns of 13 Reasons Why stress that each season attracts new and returning audience to the series who ahead of season three would have been exposed to the unedited scene. That, along with conversations with experts, helped inform Netflix’s decision to alter the footage. The new clip is designed to carry the same emotional impact of Hannah’s death, though it does make Walsh’s reaction that much more important.”

The makers are all set to launch the trailer of the third season of 13 Reasons Why in a few months.

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