Netflix released the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer and fans seem to have mixed reactions about it. Check out what they have to say!

13 Reasons Why released its first season in 2017 and the controversial subject got a solid viewership. People formed and shared strong opinions about Hanna Baker, Clay and all the other central characters of the show. The story made us empathize with a few characters, connect with a couple of them and absolutely hate some. The show turned out to be a hit amidst controversies and objections on the questionable nature of the content. The second season followed but couldn’t match up to the expectations of most viewers making the third season doubtful. But, the makers decided to launch the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 trailer and continue the story that began as a domino effect Hanna Baker’s death.

The trailer was launched late last night and it garnered mixed reactions from the fans. However, the fans who were disappointed with the second season seem to be looking forward to the third one because of the main plot – Bryce Walkers death. Bryce is shown to be the antagonist in the first and second season. His character was hated by most in both the previous seasons. However, the mystery of his death seems to be giving fans hope that the makers will make up for an average second season.

Check out the trailer:

Here’s how fans reacted to the 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer:

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