13 things that should be equal in a relationship

Priyanka Parmar
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Take a look at the things that should be equal in a relationship to make it a happy and healthy one!

Love is tough but relationships are a whole another ballgame. Every couple faces some tough situations but the only thing that can assure you come out stronger on the other end is knowing that both individuals play an equal role in the relationship. And also that the bond you share isn't based on love alone but respect too. And considering the complex and hectic lives we lead, sometimes it gets difficult to be as patient, understanding and caring as you want to, plus the fact that we're all flawed as humans is a major contributing factor. Don't stress, take a breath a keep reading to see the simple ways in which you can maintain a happy, healthy and equal relationship.

Take a look:

  1. Efforts - Whether it's the grand gestures or brining a smile on your partner's face when they need it the most. Nothing can last without equal efforts, not for long anyway.
  2. Communication - Many couples follow the rule of not going to sleep upset with each other. It sounds great in theory but we all know that arguments and fights can get dragged on sometimes. But in such times, remember that you can resolve a problem only both of you keep the communication open, honest and without contempt.
  3. Sexual indulgence - Don't look at sex as a separate part from the rest of your relationship. Bad or dissatisfactory sex-life can lead to several problems in a relationship. Talk, explore and ask each other what you like in bed and what your partner will be comfortable with. Remember to return the favours when it comes to sexual indulgence.
  4. Personal space - No matter how long you've been together or how much you trust each other, every person deserves their privacy and personal space. Invading someone's personal space doesn't have a positive outcome most of the time. So, if your partner asks you to give them so space, respect it and wait for them to be ready to share their worries, stress or problems with you.
  5. Maturity - No, being mature doesn't mean one needs to have a grim look on their face all the time or not taking a leap of faith. Every couple shares a different dynamic and sure your partner can be childish at times or unpredictable or even throw caution to the wind from time to time. But, what it truly means to share an equal level of maturity is to understand how to deal with the important situations in life. Or rather, how to deal with them together.
  6. Rules - Decide the nature and rules of your relationship and stick to the ones that make the most sense for the bond you and your partner share. Now, these rules can vary from following certain house rules to the very nature of your romantic partnership. For instance, dating exclusively or seeing others, being monogamous or polyamorous.

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  7. Finance - In an ideal situation, both of you would have the same income but that's highly unlikely. So, it's important to acknowledge and respect the difference. If you're planning on doing things together or buy something together, make sure it's what both of you want to invest in and are comfortable shelling out the amount. Discussing finances can be slightly awkward but knowing where both of you stand helps in the long run. And it applies to smaller stuff like splitting the bill from your date.
  8. Respect - I can't stress enough on how important it is for two people to have and display equal respect for each other because the absence of respect renders love hollow.
  9. Dependability - This can be defined in many ways and various contexts right from taking care of their plants to signing for their parcels or just being there when they are feeling low. Just like everything else, there has to be a balance here as well. Just one person can't keep providing support to the other because all of us need a little bit of help from time to time. Be mindful of what you ask and how much you ask of a person.
  10. Trust - Without this, no amount of gifts, dates, anniversary celebrations or romantic getaways can help a relationship survive. So, make sure you know the person you're with and trust that they are 100% committed to you. Because constant doubts and fights aren't healthy for any relationship and definitely not for your mental peace. Don't let your insecurities get the better of you.
  11. Expectations - Be very vocal about your expectations from your other half and the relationship you two share. Just like dependability an imbalance in expectations can push you away from each other rather than bringing you closer.
  12. Responsibilities - From doing chores around the house to taking care of financial stuff to being each other's plus one at weddings. Responsibilities can be a good thing if they're shared reasonably and respectfully. And don't hold back from volunteering to do things for the one you love!
  13. Individuality - Last but definitely not the least, being with someone doesn't mean forgetting who you are. Don't forget to be your true self because as the saying goes, for anyone else to love us, we must be able to love ourselves first.

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