14 Sibling Memes to remind you of your best friend and worst enemy!

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14 Sibling Memes to remind you of your best friend and worst enemy!

Certain moments are burned into our memory thanks to the greatest friend we have ever known, and probably our worst arch enemy. Also coincidentally occupants of the same evicted uterus, these sibling memes are the perfect reminder of the one who takes half of everything!!!

When mom isn’t looking, punches and kicks are the order of the day, and when she is, it’s all smiles and hugs. One moment you hate their very existence, but if someone other than you gives your brother, or sister, a hard time, it needs to be settled with a duel. Memories are not the only thing they gave us, because they also gave us these delightful sibling memes!

Check out these sibling memes that perfectly summarize the delight and the agony of living with siblings all our lives!

1. Oh. Well. Obviously not sorry! You must have hidden it while we were fighting.

Sibling memes

2. Moooooooommmmm!!!!! Sibling memes

3. Stop crying you big baby!Sibling memes

4. I always end up with the one that is actually less full. Hmph!!Sibling memes

5. *whispers* I hope you die!Sibling memes

6. Don't be a snitch.Sibling memes

7. "sHuT uP!" "Mooooooommmm!!!!"Sibling memes

8. Do as I say, and you live.

Sibling memes

9. Oh it's nothing! You're not even hurt. Sibling memes

10. Bipolar relationships? Yes. We have them.Sibling memes

11. Goddamn! Why do I have to share everything >_<Sibling memes

12. #WWE4LyfSibling memes

13. eheheheheh shut up!Sibling memes

14. Can't control it. Gonna land in trouble but it's worth it. Sibling memes

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