While some IITians go on to form political parties, and some go on to write eventual scripts for Arjun Kapoor movies, Biswa Kalyan Rath chooses to do neither. Instead he chooses to make us laugh, which is not something that the aforementioned movies and politicians do.

Live shows, sketches, Pretentious Movie Reviews, his Snapchat account and his Twitter account, Biswa Kalyan Rath has a strange demeanour that makes everything he says funnier, and believe me, I read his tweets in his voice!

Just FYI, this is his Twitter bio.

Check out some of the mast tweets from this aadmi that will do you an amaze and make you say wow.

1. You gotta love his honesty, right?

2. Don’t even tell me you don’t know who Sivamani is.

3. *thinks “aaj chicken khaunga”* *PeTA activists barge in from doors,windows* *start demonstration*

4. Mumbai, I need some space.

5. Joke ke naam pe philosophy ka hamla karta hai


7. Arjun Kapoor ka script writer is fun

8. Uncle: Beta kya padh rahe ho? *gives any possible answer* Uncle: Nahi beta iske alawa kuch bhi aur kar lete.

9. Checkmate, Life!

10. *cries in overtime*

11. Smart Car me aayega? Haan? Haan?

12. Indian Aunty : Be Good Knight and well fully covered knighty. Ha ha ha

13. Ye bhi intro me mention hue hai

14. How to English well Part 1

15. So much relates happening, right?

This guy has to be your favourite. Say it. SAY IT.