These films and TV shows will give you something to ponder upon like is social media the future? And our path with it, is right or wrong?

Social Media is a huge part of our lives, something that we can’t do without nowadays. Especially since the time we have been jammed inside our houses, the one and the only way of interaction and work has been through this source of media. But does that mean that all of the social media is good or is it all together just bad for us? There are so many questions circulating around it and we have so many ongoing discussions and conversations surrounding this. How then will films and TV shows not touch upon this? There are many films and TV shows that have picked up the task of holding a mirror to society.

A lot of films and TV shows explore the dark side of this space of media. And it’s scary considering that some of these situations are highly relatable, and when the realization dawns upon us that it may be happening to us, it hits too close to home. Chances are these movies and TV shows will make you question things that have been normalized for a while now. As to where we are going and whether this is the right path considering the technology we’re gifted with? That’s a debate that will go on forever. From the recent trending documentary, The Social Dilemma to the nail-biting drama, C U Soon, here’s what you should tune into if you’re in the mood for a social media watch and for a reality check as well.

The Social Network- Netflix

The Circle- Netflix

C U Soon- Amazon Prime Video

Nerve- Amazon Prime Video

The Social Dilemma– Netflix

The Great Hack– Netflix

Eighth Grade- YouTube

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge– Amazon Prime Video

Black Mirror– Netflix

You- Netflix

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Ingrid Goes West

Brittany Runs a Marathon- Amazon Prime Video

Jamtara: Sabka Number Aayega- Netflix

Searching- YouTube

While some of them will make you ponder on the aspect of where we’re going wrong with this technology, others will also show you the good bits that come with it. Overall, these films and TV shows will show you that nothing is black and white.

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