16 Facebook Pages/Groups Every Bong Should Follow!

Siddharth Das
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16 Facebook Pages/Groups Every Bong Should Follow!

Being a Bong , there are certain things you MUST do. Like say, having kosha mangsho on Sundays and adda-ing with friends in the evenings over some Mishti Doi. From going saree shopping for Durga Pujo to having heated discussions on your favourite football team. You simply got to follow these Facebook pages to keep on your favourite Bong stuffs to do!!

1. Bong Tips

1Because they are more than just Macher Jhol & Mishti Doi. You don't want to miss out on this page. Like them to find out more!



2If you're a Bong you wouldn't want to miss out on all the popular destinations of Durga Pujas right? Go ahead and hit the Like button.


3. Bong Mom's Cookbook

3A typical Bong Mom, lot of food stories, recipes & of-course some good old Bengali Adda. Need I say more? Time to follow.


4. Way2sarees

4Forget your yoga pants, mini skirts and denims ladies! We all know Bong chics look hottest in a saree. So hit LIKE and go get yours for this year's Durga Puja.



5Doesn't matter if you're a Manchester United fan or a Mohan Bagan fan, you wouldn't miss out on some FIFA action now would you? Show this page some love if you haven't.

6. Troll Football

Football can get Messi or even funny watching players feigning or get bitten. Get your daily dose of Football trolls from this page.

7. Bengali Literature Discussion

Join this group to view ideas and share some of your own with friends, family and team mates about your favourite literary works.

8. Bong Connect

If you like making friends online, Like this page to connect with more Bongs all over the world.

9. Bappi Lahiri

6Famous for popularizing disco music in Indian cinema and flashing his expensive jewellery, its hard to find a Bong who doesn't love his music. From "I'm a Disco Dancer" to "Tune Mari Entriyan", Bappida has kept us grooving to his beats. Like his page to follow his music.


10. Sourav Ganguly

9One does not simply make an article about Bongs and not mention Sourav Ganguly. Love him or hate him you simply cannot ignore him. Nobody would ever forget our famous ex-captain with his bare torso, shirt slinging antics at the World Cup. Like his page if you cant get enough of Dada.


11. Bengali Matrimony

If you're looking to find an ideal life partner by exchanging views and ideas on this group, join now!

12. Durga Puja Photgraphy

View photos of famous Durga puja pandals, Idols and Decorations on this page.

13. Kolkata

13Find out about various cultural events, news and happenings in your one and only City of Joy here.


14. Banglalive E- Bazaar

A shopping portal you wouldn't want to miss. Everything from sarees, sweets, cakes, books, flowers, muisc-cds, find all on one page.

15. Bengali Kadai - Bengali Recipe

14Get some authentic home cooked Bengali recipes on this page.


16. Literature Live

We all know how much Bongs like to read. Here is Mumbai's live literature fest. Go ahead & like this page.

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