They’re irreplaceable, truly one of a kind, and someone who you share everything with, except a relation, and what is even more unique are the conversations that you have with them! Check out these BFF conversations that would be absolutely incriminating to have with ANYONE ELSE.

Whether its stalking someone’s Instagram, accidentally liking a picture from years ago and then dealing with the panic and hysteria together, to being the exact embodiment of ‘The Bad Influence’ to each other, that parents worry about, BFFs are not just yesterday, today and tomorrow. They are forever.

Had it not been for them, who would you drunk text at 2 am to tell them you love them, right? We went undercover to get these super secret screenshots of BFF conversations.


BFF conversations

 2. Don’t even tell me you’ve never done this. BFF conversations

3. Same. BFF conversations

4. We all know someone like this..

BFF conversations

5. Dump. Now. 

BFF conversations

6. Own it b*tch!  BFF conversations

7. RETOX! RETOX! RETOX! BFF conversations

8. Partners in crime, now and always BFF conversations

9. Totes no? BFF conversations

10. Hangover is for normies!  BFF conversations


11. You know me so well! BFF conversations


12. ‘We Have To.’

BFF conversations

13. Unleash the Kraken. BFF conversations

14. Genuine worries…BFF conversations

15. Hey, at least she’s being supportive. BFF conversations

16. Personal therapist on call. BFF conversations

17. The Best Detective that money can’t buy!BFF conversations

If you haven’t had half of these conversations with your BFF, well you’re lying or you need a new BFF. Get one soon, cause Friendship Day is around the corner.