The thing about true love is, not all of us will ever get to experience it in our lifetime, but we can have Biryani and that is pretty much the same thing, and that is exactly why these Biryani memes exist!

If you haven’t known the delight of discovering the magnificent biryani fragrance when you get home, or ordering that payday biryani at work, have you even lived? No you haven’t, and have you ever even known the agony if you bit into a goddamn elaichi on your first biryani bite? It’s a nightmare!

I’m just saying, biryani is the only sure way to turn a smile upside down, and if someone is not cheered up by biryani, just start walking away because that sort of negativity is not what you need in life.

And while I go order myself one, I’m going to leave you here with the second contender of things that can make you happy, and that’s Biryani memes

1. Have you ever seen someone be sad while they’re eating biryani?

Biryani Memes

2. #GoalsafBiryani Memes

3. Tinday sun ke kuch hota hai. 

Biryani Memes

4. She’s the one.

Biryani Memes5. Damn!

Biryani Memes

6. Because biryani is love, biryani is life.Biryani MemesBiryani Memes

7. Please chicken aur mutton me kanjoosi mat karo!Biryani Memes

8. Unless you make some biryani, darling.Biryani Memes

9. I’m already packed bro

Biryani Memes Biryani Memes

10. Pls die

Biryani Memes

11. Biryani will always be there <3

Biryani Memes Biryani Memes

12. Raahat mili hahahaBiryani Memes

13. Leg piece OMG

Biryani Memes

14. Biryani approval is through the roof

Biryani Memes

15. Oh elaichi, always in the wrong place.

Biryani Memes

16. ITS PULAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!Biryani Memes

16. Damn Joffrey had biryani at his wedding? Biryani Memes

17. SMH Mom am I adopted? Why you making me eat like I am 🙁Biryani Memes

God made Biryani for a reason and it is our duty to honour his wish!