19 rare just Indian things you won’t find anywhere else!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Aug 17, 2017 16:17 IST
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19 rare just Indian things you won’t find anywhere else!

Discounts are our birth right, whether its dhaniya and kadi patta, or a goddamn car, and we don’t care. These are Just Indian Things and you won’t find them anywhere else in the whole wide world.

You know what I’m talking about. Not many of us realize these everyday Just Indian Things, but if you have ever had the good fortune of travelling abroad, or interacting with someone from a foreign country, you’ll know what I am talking about. We are peculiar with many of our habits and activities, and we certainly dgaf!

If you’re as Indian as I think you are, check out these indigenous just Indian things and tell us how many can you relate with.

1.Bhaiya kuch toh kam karo please!

Just Indian Things

2. Please. Handwash matlab at least 3 star!

Just Indian Things

3. Nimbu Mirchi best firewall for buri nazarJust Indian Things

4. It actually was that awkwardJust Indian Things

5. *aunties gather for kitty party*Just Indian Things

6. When the copywriter is not happily married and client relates :(Just Indian Things

7. Khanewale 4evaJust Indian Things

8. Part time security camera alsoJust Indian Things

9. Have some shame David!

Just Indian Things

10. *sobs*Just Indian Things

11. sameJust Indian Things

12. *add to wishlist* *checks bank account* *cries*Just Indian Things

13. It's not a stereotype if it's true! Just Indian Things

14. It has arranged beta.Just Indian Things

15. Restaurant kaun bolta hai be?Just Indian Things

16. Obama is bae everywhere!Just Indian Things

17. Legit Indian prank

Just Indian Things

Just Indian Things

18. Your marks don't matter. The difference between you and the topper decides.

Just Indian Things

19. *inner child screams*Just Indian Things

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