2 Foreigners in Bollywood Videos you should not miss!

Mohammad Kanchwala
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2 Foreigners in Bollywood Videos you should not miss!
Known as the city of dreams for a reason, the home of all the glitz and the glamor that adorns the silver screen, Bollywood. Yes, the beautiful city of Mumbai that attracts dreamers from far and wide, also attracted Johan Bartoli and Hampus Bergqvist, two dreamers, err.. 2 Foreigners in Bollywood.

Social media users cannot seem to get enough of these two blonde desis, who spread laughter with their hilarious videos getting their Mumbai on. With an unmatchable Desi Swagger, and a do sau rupya attitude, they have taken the Indian social media scene by storm.

Check out some of their funniest shenanigans on Facebook that are guaranteed to make you follow them for more!

1. Zara hatke. Zara bachke indeed meri jaan.

2. For the love of lollipop laage lu!

3. Baba haanikarak hai

4. Use a condom and always give money to the hijra

5. Please hang on until the end

6. When you realize the Mumbai retail scene is cutthroat competition

7. This one does not believe in ‘maaf karo’.

8. The cigarettes are no cheaper these days, but that was a good riff!

9. ChaiChaiChaiChaiChaiChaiChaiChaiChaiChai *set as ringtone*

10. Lift se upar jayega ya sidha upar jayega?

11. You have done this. Don’t even try to deny it.

12. The Ultimate Truck Ride

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