#LetsKetchup: 20 annoying things that need to end in 2019

Smrithi Mohan
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20 annoying things

Check out this list of 20 annoying things that we wish would come to an end this year and wish you'll agree.

We all are extremely excited to welcome the new year that stands ahead of us. Time flies and it's both terrifying and exciting waiting for a New year to start with a clean slate. And when talking about clean slates, there are definitely a few things that we need to leave behind, that need to end in 2019 itself. We don’t want to sound harsh, but these 20 annoying things need to go. 

Here is a list of 20 annoying things that need to end this year:

1) Over the top nail art

This art has been a part of the fashion industry for years, but recently things have been getting a bit excessive. People need to tone down a bit on these weird trends, honestly, they are getting too much. From fur and bubble nails to insanely long gel tips, these trends are starting to get borderline tacky and impractical. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned French manicure?

2) Grey Hair Trend

This trend has guys and girls dying their hair to a silvery tone that some people call “grandma/grandpa hair.”  Everyone is going to grow old eventually and have their hair turn white or grey, so this begs the question: why are so many people spending hundreds of dollars to achieve a look they’ll get to experience naturally?

3) Mirror Sunglasses

Ever try to talk to someone while they are wearing mirrored sunglasses? Yeah, it’s annoying. It’s almost like talking to the mirror, and it’s also super distracting when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone. This is an old trend that needs to die now. It looks tacky and we’re ready to explore other options.

4) New Year resolutions

Like, come on! Do we even need to explain why it needs to go?


5) Neon anything

Considering the brightest thing in our wardrobe is blue denim, we really can’t pull this one-off. It was a huge hit back in 2018 but it should be gone now. It doesn’t sit well with your mood or your personality always.

6) Parent Shaming

Having arguments with your parents was a healthy and natural part of growing up. However, with the advent of the Internet, that’s not the case anymore. “Parent shaming” refers to an increasingly popular trend of taking your parental complaints online—whether it’s about your folks refusing to buy you the latest gaming console or embarrassing you in front of your friends. Almost anything goes.

7) Pimple popping videos

As most of us have been told at some point during our adolescence, popping a pimple yourself is almost never a good idea. Doctors and surgeons are qualified to do it in case it gets worse, but most pimples are temporary occurrences that go away on their own. It’s just one of our body’s many mechanisms to fight off infections, which usually don’t require any intervention on our part. Also, pimple popping is a bit gross.

8) Procrastination

For as long as humans have been around, we have been struggling with delaying, avoiding, and procrastinating on issues that matter to us. Procrastination may cause one to lose a good opportunity. If you can find a way to make the benefits of long-term choices more immediate, then it becomes easier to avoid procrastination. One of the best ways to bring future rewards into the present moment is with a strategy known as temptation bundling. Stop thinking, start doing.

9) Comparing Apples To Oranges

Don’t waste time comparing things that don’t compare. They’re quantified or qualified using a different set of attributes, it’s not the same thing! You're enough the way you are and nobody comes close. You're a work in progress and still a masterpiece. 

10) Delayed Government Hearings

Political theatre works—if it then inspires the next necessary step, political action. But there’s been just slightly less than zero action by government in the wake of hearing after hearing after yet another hearing about preventing sexual abuse, murders, etc. It's high time this ends and strict action is immediately taken against the culprits.

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11) Violence against women

Women have had it all. the number of violence has only been increasing while it should be depleting. With many being murdered and tortured, this inhuman act against women should end and they should have a safer place to live in.

12) Remixes

Yaa, what is up with that? There are new talents and artist who make amazing and unique pieces of art. Why would one want to reproduce an original created by someone else when they can create their own. Its time artists realize this and stop ruining the classics.

13) Calling Pulao Biryani

The war still continues. Calling out something by a sacred name as Biryani is understood, but fighting that it is the same is utter bullshit. Like you can't compare lemons and oranges, you can't compare chicken with veggies. This should DEFINITELY end!

14) Calling before texting

Not ready for this, and will never be. Calling before texting is the most annoying thing one can do to someone. I mean, WhatsApp is there for a purpose and should be used only for that.

15) ‘Aur batao’

And the trail continues. Using ‘Aur batao’ to continue the conversation when you don't have anything to speak about is a pain. The solution to this is still unknown.

16) Aunties asking ‘Shaadi kab kar rahe ho?’

The reason why every youngster stays away from any family function. Aunties may never get tired of asking the question, but we for sure are. If one can ban this question, please do.

17) 'Woke up like this' selfies

We all know that one only wakes up with messy hair and a drool trail on their face. The 'woke up like this' selfie is the worst form of social media wannabe trait that needs to and should end this year.

18) People playing loud music on the phone in public

Headphone and earphone companies have spent crores in developing and launching their product that aims at letting people hear their favourite music without disturbing others. People should try it more often. Seriously, not interested in hearing 'Lehenga utha de remote se'

19) Forward messages

A family that stays together, prayers together, and forwards messages together. No matter how many times you mute your family group the number of forward messages is never going to stop. Hope this ends this year (probably will not, but hope should always be alive)

20) The ‘No Bachelors rule’ in societies

Not allowing bachelor tenants in society is one rule that should end this year. People are moving to new places in search of good job and education, and shelter is one thing that they end up stressing on. Societies should move from the idea that having a bachelor is going to have a bad effect on their kids.

What are the annoying things you wish ends this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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