As we have already established, Twitter is full of people who can create a meme mountain out of a molehill, and that is exactly what has been happening since the past few days. These First Of All jokes on Twitter are hilarious!

So here’s what these First Of All jokes really mean. Suppose someone says something to you like, “I love you!”, and you reply with “First Of All, I don’t even love myself!”. The trend caught on so well that there are already more than two accounts that are dedicated solely to these memes and tweets, and you can see why.

We bring you the best of the best First Of All memes and tweets and maybe they’re late, but they are ridiculously funny and don’t even try denying it!

1. They ain’t!

First Of All

2. I did.

First Of All

3. Hangry*First Of All

4. I was born with a profile picture guard.First Of All

5. Don’t even try!First Of All

6. Don’t you just hate this?First Of All

7. I don’t wear them but thank you God for leggings!First Of All

8. hahahaFirst Of All

9. You boring, Twitter isn’t!First Of All

10. Yep.First Of All

11. AmenFirst Of All

First Of All

13. AlwaysFirst Of All

14. Pen kyu, Dil le lo. Bas bhai mat bulao
First Of All

15. Choices kya hota hai?First Of All

16. 1.2 Billion sames.
First Of All

17. xDFirst Of All

18. Legit.First Of All

19. New attitude, who dis?
First Of All

20. Always end things with nihilistic self hatred 😉First Of All