Hotstar has finally released its first season of the Indian remake of the American sitcom –The Office. The minute the news of the remake being made was announced, Indian fans of the show collectively lost their shit and for good reason! And the same has happened after its release as well.

The American version first aired in 2005, and made its place in audience’s hearts worldwide with its humble, funny, and relatable characters. And how can we forget Steve Carell who became everyone’s favorite! The Office is one of those shows that has a special place and that’s why the Indian version is being received with so much scrutiny –no one wants to ruin their favorite show by seeing other people try to take their beloved characters’ places.
Now that it has finally released, Twitterati are giving their own views on it and there seems to be a mixed reaction (although mostly inclining towards the nay side rather than the yay). Check out these tweets before you start watching it:

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So, what are your thoughts? Does this remake make it your weekend binge list ?