Hey Peeps! Keep these points in mind to Do your 2019 better.

Aniket Sawant
New Update

February has already begun and we are still struggling to keep up with our resolutions. But what do you expect to happen by repeating the same things again and again and then expect different results?


Okay, we took that from Albert Einstein. But, we had to prove our point. So, we tried certain things out ourselves and followed them until it becomes a habit. So, we highly recommend these tips to you. Try to make your 2019 simpler with simple tips that will make your life a lil’ simpler.


  1. Sleep with your phone in a different room

Who all reach out for their phone first thing in the morning? Raise your hand if you do or lets just cut it short, we all do it. But, how can we do it? We got our alarm on it, we got to wake up early. How about buying a good old alarm clock? How about waking up peacefully without being bombarded by thousands of notification, news & app updates and emails?


  1. Wake up at the same time every day.

Yes, you heard it right. Wake up at the same time every single day and that goes for the weekends as well! Do this and maintain a healthy sleep routine the entire week, month and year.

  1. Try something else other than the same old fitness resolution

Using your brain, body, and hands by learning something useful is thousand times better than mindlessly scrolling your smartphone. You can even find a hobby that has excited you for quite some time now. Trust us, it will give you that excellent feeling you been striving for.


  1. Learn something just for laughs, gags and that smile on your face

Ever wondered why the sky is blue, why stars are so far or something that is completely random for others but interesting for you. Something that will make you an expert in that topic and when you learn all that. You become one of those few certified trivia members at get-togethers and dinner parties. Sometimes, it’s kinda cool to be Mr. Know it all.


  1. Perspective matters

We all have heard this word ‘Perspective’ for quite some time now. You must have heard the oldies say that ‘you can’t control what happens in your life at times, but you can always choose how you react to it. It is easy to get angry and upset at various things, with our generation in the picture; it mostly is LIFE. But, remember thinking positive be a lot better than thinking negative when you choose to believe so.


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