Instagram has several pages that can help you build your 2021 budget quickly and effectively.

2020 was a tough year. People lost jobs, faced pay-cuts, didn’t receive the salary on time, incurred heavy losses, and spent a lot on hospital bills. The Indian market saw its worst fall with unemployment and inflation hitting a tremendous high. It made our budgets pretty tight. Mentally, physically, and financially- 2020 drained us. However, it’s in the past. We are done ranting about 2020. It’s now time to plan for the year ahead and your 2021 budget (if you haven’t already).

This year we need to take cautious footsteps. Crafting a budget is an art. With such mayhem around with the pandemic and vaccine, savings are still suffering, earning is still difficult. Now is exactly the time to chalk out your budget for the rest of the year. If you are looking for easy tips and tricks about how to plan a financially effective budget for 2021, then let Instagram beyour guide. We have jotted down some of the most valuable pages on Instagram that guide us with simple and effective budgeting tricks. Along with helping you plan your budget, these pages also teach you a little economics which will help you down the road.

So, here are Instagram’s reliable and educational financial pages to help you save a little extra. Take a look.

Gaurang Sanghvi- @askthatfinanceguy

Source- Instagram| @askthatfinanceguy

Anushka Rathod- @anushkakrathod

Source- Instagram| @anushkakrathod

Financial Literate- @financial_literate

Source- Instagram| @financial_literate

Anshuman Sharma- @anshhuman

Source- Instagram| @anshhuman

Ramit Sethi- @ramit

Source- Instagram| @ramit

Bekifaayati- @bekifaayati

Source- Instagram| @bekifaayati

Raji- @financewithraji

Source- Instagram| @financewithraji

My Money Mitra- @mymoneymitra

Source- Instagram| @mymoneymitra

Omkar- @money_basics

Source- Instagram| @money_basics


Source- Instagram|

Kumiko Love- @thebudgetmom

Source- Instagram| @thebudgetmom

Clever Girl Finance- @clevergirlfinance

Source- Instagram| @clevergirlfinance

Ready for budgeting?

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