It’s been #20yearsofK3G and Dharma Productions is flying high on the nostalgia train! Look at all that they’re doing to celebrate this milestone!

For Indians, K3G aka Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is not just a film that was released 20 years ago, it’s a mood in itself! And in today’s day and age, we might criticize it for its illogical bits but we can’t get over how it always makes us feel. We wanted to make an entrance like Rahul Raichand (Shah Rukh Khan) and dance to ‘It’s Rainin Men’ just like Poo (Kareena Kapoor Khan) did. All the dance sequences from the film are performed to date at weddings across the country. From every dialogue to every scene to the background score, we know it all by heart because we have watched the films so many times that we have lost count of it. Even though this movie isn’t very realistic, it’s a family entertainer that maintains the perfect balance between drama and humor. And it starred not just one or two but six superstars. Probably that’s why #20yearsofK3G feels like a big celebration for not just Dharma Productions but for every Bollywood fan.

Though the Dharma Productions is riding high on the nostalgia train by sharing the most famous scenes, dialogues, performances of iconic scenes, and performances by grown-up child actors we’ve seen in the film. All in all, Dharma is celebrating K3G’s 20 years and we’re loving every single minute of it. And we have looked forward to this ever since the release 20 years ago!

Let’s admit that one time or other we have all wanted to do this what Alia, Ranveer, Siddharth, Jhanvi, and all of these celebrities are doing!

My, My, My, Look at how they have all grown up and recreating the scenes that they did as child actors! Time truly really flies away!

The OG’s are the OG’s and no one could do it better than them!

Karan Johar has said it all that probably we all wanted to say!

This iconic film lives in our hearts rent-free and will probably always does!

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