Cats are the most watched and followed content on the internet, and have even been termed as the unofficial mascots of the internet, and these cat Snapchats are literal proof of why they are the greatest goofs in the history of goofs.

Personally, as the father of not one, not two, not three but seven cats, I would like to chip in my two cents that cats have this distinct superpower of being major jerks, and inexplicably annoying at the same time! You’ll find them perched atop random household furniture, hidden under the bed or the sofa, and at times you’d wish they would disappear and let you bathe or poop in peace. But alas, those are not the moments that make up for the perfect cat Snapchats.

Whether its the many many facial expressions that they are capable of, or their weird fetishes of hoarding specific objects that they are obsesses, these cat parents successfully caught their evil fluffy clouds doing the funniest things and turned them into cat Snapchats for all of us to look at!

1. Oh cmon he’s not even that fat!

cat Snapchats

2. You’ve met Grumpy Cat, now meet Grumpier Cat. cat Snapchats

3. Look closelycat Snapchats

4. Toothless is the cutest! cat Snapchats

5. I am the Empress and this is my crown. 
cat Snapchats

6. Yeah thanks a lot CAT! cat Snapchats

7. My God! High as a kite is accurate
cat Snapchats

8. Next step is going to be pee on all the clothes. 
cat Snapchats

9. Look at that guilty face. cat Snapchats

10. Look at the TV
cat Snapchats

11. Had it been a Ginger kitty, it would look like Trump!cat Snapchats

cat Snapchats

13. Brush him first.
cat Snapchats

14. He looks proud of himself!cat Snapchats

15. Buy an expensive bed. Sleeps in cardboard box.
cat Snapchats

16. “WHAT CONTRAPTION IS THIS?”cat Snapchats

17. 10/10 I’d eat it.
cat Snapchats

18. Majestic af
cat Snapchats

19. Forgive him <3cat Snapchats

20. I can vouch for the validity of this situation. I experience this every night.
cat Snapchats

21. Stop making bad puns at my expense you puny hoomancat Snapchats

22. Duuudeee!cat Snapchats

23. He’s burdened with glorious Snapchats

24. “We need to talk.”cat Snapchats

25. Pamper me. 
cat Snapchats

I don’t know about you but these are the cutest cat Snapchats I’ve ever seen! If you want more, you can visit the original Facebook post here. All images belong to their respective owners and were taken from RearFront.