Attention Tech Fans: List of 25 Twitter Handles That Are Passionate About Gadgets/Technology

Vedant Borkar
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Attention Tech Fans: List of 25 Twitter Handles That Are Passionate About Gadgets/Technology

Twitter has now become a primary platform for some people who want to seek information. With so many influencers being active on Twitter, people tend to trust their views rather than reading through news portals on web. For all the tech fanatics out there, you won’t be disappointed by the number of influencers present from the industry. As they provide insights and their analysis of the tech world, Twitter will make sure that you never fall short of your daily dose of tech news.

We bring to you such people who we think can fulfill your appetite for tech news.

Nilay Patel

@reckless-  70.5K Followers

Acting Managing Editor of Vox, very active on twitter, tweets about music industry and oh yes tech too.

Ruhani Rabin

@ruhanirabin– 67.2K Followers

Calls himself a tech enthusiast and idea maker. Shares links on twitter about new developments in the tech world.

Om Malik

@om1.39 million followers.

Founder of Gigaom. Tweets about social media world and about his own analysis of the recent tech happenings.


@bhatnaturally7.2 K Followers

A big apple lover, his tweets are dominated by Apple news and recent offerings from Apple.

Amit Agarwal

@labnol45 K Followers

Founder of labnol , a tech blogger who has written many articles on the tech industry. Follow him to stay up to date.

Sree Srinivasn

@sree57.4 K Followers

Chief digital office at MET museum, his TL mostly includes re-tweets of other tech people he follows on Twitter.

Rajiv Makhani

@RajivMakhni- 90.3 K Followers

Famous for his stint with NDTV, follow him for latest news on new gadgets and what he is up to with tech trends.

Bharat Nagpal

@Djkrimp2.6 K Followers

Famous for his Youtube channel Igyaan, mostly tweets about his new tech stuffs.

Nishant Padhiar

@nishantpadhiar- 386 Followers

Relatively new to twitter, he works at Stuff India, a gadget magazine. His twitter topics include updating about new product launches in India.

Rajat Agrawal

@rajatagr11.9 K Followers

Executive Editor at BGRIndia. Mostly tweets about product reviews and his take on the recent happenings of the tech world.


@rajupp -11.9 K Followers

Editor at Usually tweets about launch of new mobile phones and his take on their pricing.

Ashish Sinha

@cnha8.1 K Followers Founder and Editor at His tweets are about tech startups and latest happenings in the tech industry.

Mahesh Murthy

@maheshmurthy68.1 K Followers

Does not completely belongs to the tech world but a tech enthusiast who helps start-ups grow their business. Follow for great insight of the tech world.

Vinod Khosla

@vkhosla407 K Followers

Founder of Khosla Ventures. He generally tweets about tech news and retweets about latest updates from the tech world.

Rashmi Sinha

@rashmi- 19.4 K Followers

CEO and founder of Slideshare, her tweets and retweets are about changes and appreciation of slideshare. Follow her if you are fan of the website.

Sundar Pichai

@sundarpichai- 66.8 K Followers

One of the most important people at Google. A must follow for android fanboys. Tweets and retweets about Google.

Krushna Subramanium

@ksub1510.7 K Followers

Founder of Burrp and an entrepreneur, tweets about general happenings of the tech world.

Karan Bajaj

@Karanbajaj11.2 K Followers

Special correspondent at The Economist. Tweets about latest launch in tech world and updates of new products.

Vishal Gondal

@vishalgondal24.4k Followers

Founder of idiagames, an avid gamer himself. Tweets about tech world. His tweets will also enlighten you about fitness, considering he is a fitness enthusiast too.

Sachin Bansal

@_sachinbansal8.7 K Followers

Co-founder of  Flipkart. No points for guessing that most of his tweets are about Flipkart. Nevertheless expect him to be the first one to tweet about latest gadgets on Flipkart. Not very active on Twitter though.

Priya Ganpati

@pgcat – 17 K Followers

Deputy Mobile editor at WSJ, her tweets are mostly about development in mobile apps and latest news of mobile world.

Pranav Mistry

@pranavmistry42.6 K Followers

Vice president research at Samsung. Tweets about general things and sometimes about tech happenings at Samsung.

Satya Nandela

@satyanadella249 K Followers

CEO at Microsoft, he needs no introduction. A must follow for every tech fan.

Yash Nelapati

@yashh1.4 K Followers

One of the early employees of Pinterest, tweets are about his general life at Pinterest and their recent development.

Amit Singhal

@theamitsinghal – 7.8 K Followers

Gives in depth analysis at Google. Follow him if you are a Google fan.

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