Lights, sweets and gifts the season of Diwali is finally here. The true spirit of the festival kicks in when we spent the season with our family. One thing that makes the get-together interesting is playing cards.

The festive season is officially in and we’re sure that you’re planning your parties and get-togethers already. In the spirit of Diwali, we can’t forget about card parties. If you’re from one of those families that never misses out on card parties during Diwali, we have some excellent tips to take the evening up a notch this time around.

Say goodbye to traditional Rummy and Teen Patti because we’re giving you 3 new card games to try out this year

1. Cards Against Humanity
This ‘adult’ card game hit the markets pretty recently and has taken the world by a storm. If you’re throwing a party only for the grown-ups, we definitely recommend this one!

2. UNO
A classic favourite of the clan, UNO never goes out of style! If you’re into experimenting, you could even introduce drinking games while you’re playing the game. (Hint: Each time a player throws a ‘Draw Four’, take a shot!).

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3. Poker
Another one for only the grown-ups, Poker is a real high stakes game. Although it might be a gambling heavy game, you can turn it into a drinking game and induce some extra fun in it.
Diwali is the festival of lights and brightness, but with these card games, you can surely turn it into a festival of fun!

Which is your favourite card game? Tell us in the comments below.