Koo’s fashion and beauty creator, Puniti Chaudhary shares some tips to make our summer outfits winter ready.

Everyone loves winter since the weather comes with a lot of cinnamon, hot chocolate, cosy blankets, festivities and whatnot. Just like every other season, fashion influencers are in a frenzy to show us ways to style winter outfits and they keep making us want to shop for them. Most of us have fewer winter clothes considering how little to non-existent the weather is but we definitely have our closets full of summer clothes. And while they would not always make the best fit for this season, fashion is very versatile and the same clothes can be paired differently for different kinds of weather. With the right help and ideas, we don’t need to buy a lot of winter wear and use classics from our wardrobe to style our summer outfits in winter, and fashion influencer Puniti Chaudhary shares how.

Check out Puniti’s tips on wearing summer outfits in winter!

Look 1

We are currently approaching the fall-winter season and hence this is the perfect time to layer your clothes. For this look, you can layer a crop top over a green satin shirt and pair it with a skirt. The satin shirt will keep you warm in winter. The colour of the shirt can be chosen based on the crop top you wear or you can go basic and wear black, white or nude colours. You can keep the look subtle or go all out depending on your mood. You can finish the look by wearing thigh-high boots to keep yourself warm. 

Look 2

The next look is layering a sweater or a cardigan over a body con dress. This look can be worn for both a formal event and a party. The colour of the cardigan/sweater can either be basic or you can use a contrasting colour for that colour-blocking look. You can complete the look with a belt for that chic look. For jewellery and makeup, you can keep it minimal. You can keep your hair open or tie it into a ponytail depending on your preference. 

Look 3

Satin skirts are back in trend again and for this look, you can pair them with an oversized sweatshirt. As said before, satin will keep you warm. For footwear, you can opt for knee-high boots if your skirt is short and sneakers or block heels if your skirt is mid-length. For jewellery, you can wear hoops with a chunky neckpiece for an edgy look. 

Keep your makeup very minimal since skin tends to be dry in this season. The base can be kept dewy and hydrated. Glossy and shimmery eyes are very much in trend along with a subtle lip gloss or lipstick.

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