4 things to expect from Prime Video's Mind the Malhotras season 2

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Mind The Malhotras Season 2

Mind The Malhotras Season 2 was launched on Prime Video today and it's guaranteed to make you roll over laughing!

The Malhotra family is back with a brand new season of craziness! Writer and director. Sahil Sangha has brought back the two heads of the Malhotra family, played by Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar, and they take the audience on a rollercoaster ride filled with thrill, comedy, and of course, craziness. The trailer for the second season of Mind the Malhotras gave a sneak peek into the world of Malhotras and it definitely made us curious about what is going on with the Malhotra Family.

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Other than the hilarious one-liners and crazy adventures, here are four things you should expect from the Season 2 of Meet The Malhotras.

New additions to the family

Apart from having the fanatical Malhotra couple, their three teenage kids, and a sweet mother-in-law, the family will see a lot of new additions, making it that much funnier for the viewers. The new season will showcase added stellar cast members like Samir Kochchar, Maria Goretti, and Dalip Tahil in pivotal roles. So, prepare yourself for a ride filled with tears of laughter.


Double the madness, double the fun!

Raising the bar set in Season 1 and taking the humor up by a couple of notches, this family will surpass all the levels of craziness. By diving deep into the storyline and focusing more on the wacky situations, Season 2 will have mind-blowing punchlines and some crazy adventures. You can’t have enough of this family!


Exploring the Malhotras as individuals

While Season 1 laid the foundation of this eccentric family, Season 2 is more about exploring the Malhotras as individuals. This season will showcase the personality of each family member and how they look differently, yet hilariously, in the same situation, they are all a part of. This will let the audience connect with the members of this family much better, making every episode intriguing.


Many problems, one therapeutic solution

New situations arrive at the Malhotra residence, inviting more problems. See how this family identifies all the problems and tries to solve them in the most comic ways possible. Adding more (in)sanity to the season will be the mind doctor and many, many appointments!


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