4 underrated queer stories on Netflix that kept us busy this June!

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We love ourselves a good old romcom on any given day but coming across underrated queer stories across different genres is pretty fun too!

Don't get me wrong! I love rewatching Friends and The Mindy Project over and over regardless of the mood I am in but there's something wholesome about chancing upon underrated content on OTT platforms that reminds me of college days and watching comfort movies on Romedy Now without quite planning on it! And that's precisely how it felt while watching queer stories like Heart Stopper and Special on Netflix.

While both of them were coming-of-age stories, their storylines brought up a whirlpool of emotions. No kidding! Along with these two masterpieces, we also watched The Boys in the Band which left you with one too many questions, and To Each, Her Own which was way too bland to bring up any emotions.

Here's a detailed review of each of these movies on Netflix!

The Boys in the Band - Netflix

An Upper East Side psychodrama based in 1968, The Boys in the Band brings you a riot of emotions with self-hate at the front and center for most of these characters while it shows you how far we have come regarding LGBTQIA+ issues and their portrayal onscreen. But its narrative of most homosexuals being filled with copious amounts of self-hate is up for debate given that it doesn’t talk about the reason behind it at all – society. With stellar performances, this 2020 film needs to be watched simply for its cast of entirely openly gay actors which provides the queer community with some much-needed representation.

To Each, Her Own - Netflix

For any rom-com to work, the film needs heart first and foremost, and this French farcical rom-com, Les goûts et Les Couleurs aka ‘To Each, Her Own’ doesn’t make you feel anything. It ends up sounding superficial and doesn’t delve deeper into the protagonist’s confusion regarding her sexuality, which is what the entire film is based on!

Special - Netflix

A significantly autobiographical show about a twenty-something gay man with cerebral palsy, Special is adapted from Ryan O’Connell’s 2015 memoir ‘I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves’ and at its core, it’s really a TV series about finding yourself. It’s filled with tons of goodies across both seasons but its shockingly frank portrayal of gay sex, your disability being reduced to a fetish, and losing your virginity to a sex worker is handled so tastefully that it’s beautiful.

Heartstopper - Netflix

This eight-episode series shows you so many aspects of young love, friendship, and the torture that comes with being a teenager in high school, let alone a queer individual in a same-sex school! Heartstopper has pulled out all the stops on this masterpiece with its music, casting, direction and storyline. Euros Lyn could not have done a better job!

Which of these queer stories have you watched already? Tell us in the comments below!

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