Watch a 4-year-old makeup artist Dakota Patton put your makeup skills to shame with her incredible character transformation videos.

“Chhota bachcha jaan ke na koi aankh dikhana re…” This might be the only song that would play in your mind the entire time you’re scrolling through Dakota Patton aka Paint With Dakota‘s account. The sheer talent that this 4-year-old has is just mindblowing. Her talent to re-create an iconic look will put your skills of applying an uneven eyeliner to shame. She’s a constant reminder that kids these days are passionate and just so skilled.

The internet has given people a platform to learn and put their skills out there. We get to witness some amazing talent from across the sea and Dakota is one of them. She’s the youngest makeup video creator who has the entire world stunned with how incredible she is with her makeup skills. She’s been watching videos on YouTube and trying her best to re-create character looks. These looks are so close to perfection that it becomes hard to believe that a 4-year-old is creating them.

Dakota’s father Ja’Rell Patton has been sharing her videos on TikTok, documenting her mad skills for the internet. Ja’Rell Patton aka Snack Bandits pops up in between her process and captures each progression. Ja’Rell and his wife showed her some videos of people painting their faces into characters on YouTube. This fascinated her and made her want to try it herself. According to him, Dakota was inspired to try her hand at face painting after watching a video of someone re-create Heath Ledger’s Joker. Over time, she has transformed herself into various popular characters from Harley Quinn, Pennywise, Sally of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to Venom. Her attention to details has made her the new internet star. All of her videos have been receiving positive reviews from her followers.

Watch her transform herself here:

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