Wedding season is on in full swing, but we’re not gonna bombard you with wedding looks, jewellery you should try out or shoes that would perfectly match your lehengas. You’re in for a treat with our latest topic of discussion – 5 absolutely absurd wedding rituals around the globe.

If you thought stealing the groom’s shoes and asking for money in return is a weird tradition, you’re in for a surprise. That’s probably not the weirdest wedding ritual compared to the ones we’re about the list.

Here are 5 absurd wedding rituals practised across the world that will simply make you go Whaaaatttt –

1. Korea – Beating the groom with dead fish or cane
To get the groom ready for his first night as a married man, South Koreans beat him with dead fish and bamboo sticks. We’re not sure if that’s the best way to ‘prepare’ him for his first night, but it’s sure going to leave him sore.

2. Romania – Kidnapping the bride
Although that is illegal an exception can be made for the bride on her wedding day. Relatives or friends kidnap the bride on her wedding and ‘hold’ her hostage nearby to the wedding venue. For her return, the groom must go out of his way to declare his love or give gifts in exchange. This ritual is practised in order to add some drama and excitement to the wedding ceremony.

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3. Indonesia – No usage of the bathroom
In most countries, the married couple really looks forward to their first night after marriage, but in Indonesia, the story is rather different. For 3 days after the marriage, the couple is housebound by their relatives and they’re not allowed to use the bathroom. They are given minimal food and drink in order to facilitate this. It is believed that by practising this ritual, the couple’s married life will be excellent.

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4. Scotland – The Blackening
Once the couple is married, relatives and friends tend to throw nasty things at them. It could be goo, soiled food or even waste. This basically signifies that after the marriage, the couple is ready to face ‘anything’.

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5. Germany – Shattering Dishes 
This one is rather odd! Germans gather outside the bride and groom’s house one night before the wedding and smash crockery, dishes and china. Once they are completely broken, it turns into a small celebration. Called as Polterabend, this custom is known to bring good luck into the couple’s life after marriage.

Think you know any such absurd wedding rituals? Tell us in the comments below!