Here are 10 Facebook pages for travel enthusiasts.

Travel Another India

Travel Another India is a tourism business with a twist. It introduces tourists to the real life, local experiences of the region. It aspires to bring this unique experience to urban travellers. While doing so, they ensure that host communities, who provide this experience, benefit directly from the tourism incomes generated.  It was started by Gouthami who ventured into a business such as this after a 15 year stint with an NGO.


  • Thrillophilia

Thrillophilia is the brainchild of Bangalore based Chitra and Abhishek Daga, in the adventure travel space. Started in 2009, they focus on solving the pain point of finding and experiencing unique activities and things to do in India. The founders noticed a lacuna in the travel segment and decided to offer discerning travellers a chance to go beyond the ordinary without having to spend a fortune.

Thrillophilia enables adventure seekers to move beyond the hotel-as-a-destination to experience what the region has to offer by focusing on itineraries as exciting as kayaking in Goa to walking tours in old city of Mysore. This page is a must visit if experiencing something beyond the usual rules and ideas of sightseeing, is your thing.



  • The WOW Club – Women on Wanderlust

This Facebook page is dedicated to all the freedom loving women who wish to travel to the ends of the earth, without the baggage of husbands and fathers.Women on Wanderlust (WOW) is a travel club started in 2004 is exclusively meant for women. WOW was the first company in India to start a club that organised trips exclusively for women, irrespective of age. WOW provides experiences and companionship (when women travel in groups) that often turn into friendships. A mix of regular and off-beat destinations with women-specific activities thrown in.


  • Must See India

In a diverse country like India where there is so much to see and so much to do, planning a trip to anyplace isn’t the easiest task. That’s when a venture like Must see India comes to rescue. It is a free trip-planning and travel-sharing application that makes it easy to travel across India, be it through research, planning, coordination or sharing.

It is a one stop travel guide for tourists in India covering all facets of travel from destination research to transportation to hotels. It takes the complexity out of holiday packages and makes it as easy as regular ecommerce, just like buying a flight ticket or ordering a book online.



  • OVER THE RAINBOW – Luxury Getaways

As the name suggests, this travel page plans to take you over the rainbow (Well..almost) with the exotic travel packages and experiences, they offer. Started by Raena Shah in 2010, Over the Rainbow tailor makes scenic luxury getaways to some of the most breathtaking islands in SE Asia. Be it for a family holiday, romantic getaway or business groups, Over The Rainbow customizes a package to meet your requirements. If that’s not enough, they can also plan romantic and private dinners on the beach, trip to nearby islands etc.