5 reasons Gabriel Leone From DOM is the soulmate we are looking for

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5 reasons Gabriel Leone From DOM is the soulmate we are looking for

Making your heart skip a beat, here are 5 reasons why DOM star Gabriel Leone has become the apple of our eye.

Brazilian actor Gabriel Leone has caught our attention with his stellar and superb performance as Pedro Dom in the Amazon Prime Video’s original series DOM and we just can’t have enough of him. His good looks and on-point acting skills have left us with a ton of butterflies in our stomachs. Having left behind a lasting impression and how, here are 5 reasons why he could be the one and only for all of us. 


His eyes speak what we want to hear

The dark brown eye and hair colour makes us go weak in the knees. His charming physical appearance, charismatic personality, witty sense of humor and desirable smile has taken absolutely no time for us to fall in love with him. His looks are just too good to be true.


A jack of all trades as an actor

Gabriel wears many hats and does justice to all of them. He is a stunning actor who is a great performer on stage along with being a phenomenal musician with a soul-soothing voice.


He will come back again and again to meet us 

The actor is already en route to becoming a star and a sensation of the country. We are soon going to see him in multiple movies/shows doing some versatile roles.  Aside from DOM, he is coming up as Carlo in Duetto and as Ciro in Alemao 2. 


The rockstar AKA sportsman 

Mr. Leone doesn’t stop as an actor or a musician, but he does extra in the extracurricular activities as well. When sitting idle, Gabriel loves to play the guitar and compose some mystic tunes. In addition to that he loves to play judo and is a great water polo player. 


The Family Man 

In his free time, Gabriel loves to stay at home, read a book and stay with his loved ones. He is the ultimate family guy that we all have been looking for. He loves to spend time with himself and his loved ones who he considers an important part of his success.

Have you watched DOM currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video? If not then what are waiting for, till then watch the trailer here.

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