5 reasons you can’t miss out on Amazon miniTV's Please Find Attached Season 3

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5 reasons you can’t miss out on Amazon miniTV's Please Find Attached Season 3

Rekindle the romance with Shaurya and Sanya in Please Find Attached starring Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh.

Actors Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh are back as fans’ favorite couple Shaurya and Sanya in this Dice Media original, Please Find Attached. In Season 3, this adored couple takes their love story forward while trying to strike balance in their personal and professional lives. While they prioritize rekindling their romance, they face ups and downs in their career in attempts to find the perfect work-life balance.

While we’re curious to know what’s brewing between our favorite couple - Shaurya and Sanya, here are five reasons why you cannot miss watching this series.

The adorable jodi is back to work

Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh are nothing less than a romantic fireball together as Shaurya and Sanya, and their chemistry is unmatchable. After winning millions of hearts in Please Find Attached Season 1 and 2, this cute couple is back to spreading love in the air again with Season 3. From their effortless compatibility to their friendly banter, they’ve always managed to win hearts by the bucket. The upcoming season promises to do just that all over again as Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh come back to the small screen.

Work-love balance

The most relatable part of adulting is Sanya and Shaurya’s love story moves forward in the forthcoming season. However, that’s not without a series of hilarious, emotional, and riveting challenges. The young couple strives to strike the right balance between personal and professional lives but realizes it’s not a cakewalk. While their affection for each other grows, their journey is filled with highs and lows. From planning their first date to hosting a house party, Shaurya and Sanya put their best foot forward to make memories. But as their professional paths change, will their attempts to balance work-life succeed? It’ll be interesting to see how the couple battles through all the challenging phases of their relationship whilst making a life together.

What’s next for Shaurya and Sanya?

Colleagues-turned-roommates-turned-friends-turned-lovers, Shaurya and Sanya’s relationship has grown with time. While Season 1 explored the beginning of their youthful romance, Season 2 tested their relationship as professional growth took precedence over their personal commitments. Now, in the upcoming season, Shaurya and Sanya’s bittersweet journey continues as they learn from their mistakes and decide to prioritize each other and the bond they share. Romance, drama, fights, confusion, compassion, and more, Please Find Attached Season 3 has all the elements of engaging content and has left us waiting to know what’s next!

New entries bring new twists

The previous two seasons of the Please Find Attached have received enormous amounts of love, and viewers have supported Ayush and Barkha’s pairing immensely. Taking drama, a notch higher, the upcoming season has some new characters, who will bring new twists and turns in Shaurya and Sanya’s life. While Sanya’s good friend Akshay will create turmoil in her relationship, a new intern at Shaurya’s office will make their work more challenging.

Free on Amazon miniTV

Please Find Attached Season 3 will exclusively stream on Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, starting August 24, 2022. To tackle viewers’ mid-week crisis, the series will have a weekly release, with fresh episodes dropping every Wednesday. For the unversed, the first two seasons of the series were released on YouTube.

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