5 superheroes we want our favorite attorney of law, She-Hulk to defend!

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They may be saving the world, but there are times even they have to be answerable to the law. In any case, there's a list of superheroes we would love to see She-Hulk defend.

We have a new superhero, or as she likes to be called, an attorney of law in town. A smart, intelligent woman with amazing wit, Jennifer Walters is someone we needed since Marvel decided to dump a series of content on us. And in just two episodes, she has already made it to everyone's favorite list. Even though she is named the female version of Bruce's alter ego, Hulk, she has grown to become her own person in the Marvel universe. Bruce may have 7 PhDs, and Hulk may be the strongest Avenger, but Jennifer has her Law degree and She-Hulk is a better Hulk (something even Tony would have agreed to had he met her).

Jen can turn green and back to her own self with ease, smash a rock, balance on her hands, and eat Cheetos with chopsticks. But more importantly, she can make an argument. The way she convinced Bruce that she can live her life as an attorney and control being a Hulk should prove how good she is. Not to forget she was able to make him spill the secret about Cap's virginity with ease. Also, she won the case after getting her own office until she had to turn into a Hulk causing the defendant to challenge it and make her lose her job.

Considering how amazing an attorney she is and the fact that she now heads the superhero division at her new firm, we couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have her defend some of our favorite heroes at the court of law. Some of them seriously need to be defended and some would be a treat to watch with her.

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Here are some we would like to see be defended by Jen:

Scarlet Witch

If there is anyone who desperately needs to be defended at this point, it's our mom, sorry, sad mom, Wanda Maximoff. Phase four has put her in the middle of all the madness. From learning about dark magic and jumping between universes resulting in their destruction, she has become a villain. But we know it's because of her need to be back with her family so she is not all alone in the world. It would be interesting to see how Jen plans out a strategy to convince why Wanda deserves a second chance.


We know that he already has a 'very good' lawyer who is handling his case and no one remembers who is actually is, but it would be interesting to see how Jen handles it. Spiderman is also known for his friendly neighbourhood energy and Jen is the happy, witty lawyer who turns into a boss in the court. If not at the court, she can for sure shut JJ and his accusations up for good.

Bucky Barners

This could be an exciting conversation to watch. Considering how little Bucky likes to speak and all the ability Jen has to keep speaking without breaks, it would be a conversation of the century. Not to forget all the secrets about Cap's life. Also, since she is already defending Abomination, it would only be fair for her to help clear Bucky's name if the need comes (hope Bucky never does).

Loki but the Alligator

Okay, only because we want to know what crime the poor Alligator version of Loki committed. Knowing how mischievous Loki is, It wouldn't be something good but wouldn't it be funny to see Jen defend an animal?


We still don't know how this will pan out but it will be one ride to look for. Deadpool has killed a lot, LOT of bad guys but what would be interesting is to see whose POV we would get to see as both are known to break the fourth wall. And we are all in for this team-up and we don't even need a case for it.

Who would you like to see her defend? Tell us the reasons too, and we'll share the funny ones on our Instagram

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